Weekly Dispatches 9 August

Written by AHQ

9 August 2013

The tally so far.  

24 quilts this week and 34 laundry bags.

885 quilts and 1673 laundry bags for 2013.

1892 quilts and 3037 laundry bags in total.

Just a quick note about how I keep track of who sent what each week.  I rely on the photos in the most part.  I wait till you send me a picture and then that picture is saved in the Weekly Dispatches Possible File.  Once you confirm that you have posted a quilt I move it to the Weekly Dispatches File for that week.  So the pictures for tonight were saved in the Weekly Dispatches 9 August.  There might be a better way to do it but this is how I started out and I haven’t come up with a better way.   
On Thursday nights I go through my file and note down all the names of the people who have sent me photos AND who have confirmed they have sent the item off.  I never assume you have posted something off as I have learned that can be dangerous.   When I was an Air Traffic Controller it was drummed into me to NEVER ASSUME as that makes and ASS out of U and ME.  Still stands true now as far as i am concerned but I digress.
So, if you don’t send me a photo there is a chance I might forget to add you to the list on Thursday night.  Feel free to query me.  I am always happy to have you check up on me.  
Also, one other little detail that might be sharing.  If I think showing your quilt or in particular your personalised laundry bag might give the surprise away I will hold it over for a couple of weeks.  (I have done that tonight with a laundry bag Debbie made and one that Liz B has made) to make their quilts more anonymous.  Sometimes I have a good idea who is and who is not watching the blog, sometimes I don’t.  It is a bit of a judgement call.  
Okay, so on with the show!

Debbie (minus the laundry bag)

Kiwi Karen






Kaye’s girls

Jenny B

Julie Ann

Julie Ann


 Kylie Diane
Liz B

Guess what these are..

Signatures from the Parramatta Eels! Someone is going to be extra happy! but I can’t show you any more for fear of spoiling the surprise!
Pieced by Louise and quilted by Stephanie, this is the front 
and the surprise on the back!
Pieced by Louise and quilted by Joan Y who is a new quilter for us.
Thanks Joan

This beautiful quilt by Miriam has just gone off to wait till needed as a Wounded Warrior Quilt


Pam Y


Rita C has been snaffling all the little bits and pieces and odds and sodds from other projects, added in a few Australia BOMs and had a ball creating this masterpiece.  Check out the jeans pocket there.  I recognise lots of these leftovers.  Love it!
But wait there is more!  Check out the back!!!  Is this not an awesome panel?

Lyn B

 Stephanie D

Judy S

Margaret B

Stephanie D made a laundry bag to go with Margaret’s quilt 

and made this quilt as well.


Sue N

Earlier in the week we wished Bertha, from the Old Bags and the Dag a very happy 101st birthday.  Well she has just received a gift from some of her admirers in the Middle East. Here is part of an email that Margaret (their “boss) sent me.

“Bertha received her gift from the troops, it arrived yesterday in the post and I took it out to her this morning.  She is not feeling so well, she has chest infection but she said the gift made her feel better.   She was so excited and emotional all at the same time.   XXXXX sent her a chocolate made from camels milk.   Bertha said maybe it will make her better.   She got a beautiful photo of the troops enlarged and another enlarged poster with messages from them.   I’m taking them to be framed and then I will take a photo so we can send it over to them.   It really made her day and all the other residents as well as we share with them all,not just the sewing group.”

Well done to all those involved!  There is more than one reason you are our heroes!
One quick announcement before I wish you all a good weekend.  I am collecting another ten quilts on Monday from the fabulous Stephanie before she has a well earned break from quilting for a few weeks.  If anyone is up to doing some binding please let me know. The quicker these quilts are bound, the quicker they head to their new owners.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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