Laundry Bag Specifics

Thank you for your interest in Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags).

The vast majority of our laundry bags are made to match requests submitted by the sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen who will receive them.

Every Monday I put out a list of the quilts and laundry bags that people are asking for. If you would like to make a quilt and do not find any requests that appeal then please let me know, I am sure we can work something out.

I strongly suggest that you contact me before you start a laundry bag so that we can make sure that what you are making will have a home once you have finished it.

Many of my quilters like to have a starting point so that they know that the quilt/laundry bag they are making will fit with the recipient’s tastes. The recipients are asked to give me their favourite colours, hobbies and interests. They will ask for every sort of quilt/bag you have ever imagined and a few you have never considered. Often they will include lots of information and the requests can look bewildering but you have to remember that often they do not know what to ask for or what is possible so the idea is to try and make something that somehow relates to their request without trying to include everything they ask for … unless you really want to.

You are under no obligation to make anything from the list each week but it will show you what people are asking for. If you would like to take on one of the quilts or laundry bags on the list then send me an email (

Providing I have your name, address and phone number I will send you their details. You then have 5-6 weeks to make a quilt and/or laundry bag and get it in the mail. If you need longer than that please let me know. We will work something out.

When you tell me you are ready to post I will send you the posting instructions. Before you have sent off your laundry bag, you then send me a photo of the quilt and/or laundry bag and the full name of the recipient and their service details via email. I let them know their quilt/laundry bag is on the way and they start to haunt the PO.

You have about a 50% chance of hearing back from them depending on their circumstances etc. I am assured, all the time, by recipients I am in touch with that this lack of response is nothing to do with appreciation for what we do. More likely it is due to the hours our defence members work on deployment and often a level of emotional tiredness that seeps in as the deployment progresses.


APPROXIMATE FINISHED SIZE – 53cm x 80cm (21in x 31in)

Requirements are based on fabric 112cm (44in) wide.

1/2in seam allowance used throughout, is included in the cutting measurements.


  • 80cm (32in) main bag fabric or 2 rectangles (22in x 32in)
  • 80cm (32in) lining Fabric or 2 rectangles (22in x 32in)
  • 10cm (4in) Coordinating Cord Channel fabric
  • Scraps for Initials or square of calico for patch
  • 1.3m (50in) thick cord 5 – 7mm in white or black (approx 1/4in – just under to just over!)
  • Vliesofix / double-sided fusible webbing
  • Matching machine-piecing thread
  • Matching machine-appliqué thread
  • Rotary cutter/scissors, ruler and mat
  • Sewing machine
  • General sewing supplies


Suitable fabrics to make a laundry bag include patchwork fabric, unlined curtaining, doona covers and twill. Just remember that these need to last as most of the guys and girls talk about using them for a long time. Lining can be poly cotton, patchwork fabric, calico or anything similar. Also, and most important – all fabrics – particularly reds need to be pre-washed.

The military issue bags can be white, plain blue, plain green. The most important feature of our bags is that they be DISTINCTIVE so they can be easily picked out from a pile of hundreds! The fabrics don’t have to be pretty – just serviceable. Bright colours, checks, strips dots, novelties, anything – just bear in mind you are making laundry bags mostly for men.

How to make a Laundry Bag

Have a look at this PDF for instructions to make a laundry bag.

If you prefer to watch a video, check out our video tutorial below:

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