Cherry Sundays

Written by AHQ

11 August 2013

Greetings all!  Well I am fresh back from a great sewing day in Penrith and what a day!!  I don’t have time to write it all up now, you will have to wait till tomorrow but here is one of the only two pics I had time to take – this is Pam and  the photo bomber is Chelly!  You will just have to wait till tomorrow to read about what Chelly got up to today.

One thing that came up during the week, that was again reinforced today, is the need to check with me before you start making a quilt or a laundry bag for someone you know.  You need to make sure they are not already on my list.  Of course, if they are not on my list, or if they are on it and have not been allocated to a quilter, then you are free to sew for them but please check with me first.

On Tuesday Christine G gave me two names for fellows that she wanted to receive quilts.  No probs!  I took the names home and added them to my list – but the only problem was that I didn’t have first names.  I prefer to have a first name as I think it is nicer if the quilters can write “Dear John, Dear Greg, Dear Phil” etc instead of “Dear CPL Jones, SGT Smith” etc.   

When I asked Christine she only had the first name for one of the fellows but it was an unusual spelling and I remembered another fellow of the same name.  Quick check of the PM Keys and surprise, surprise, the fellow has a quilt already, received it back in May.  Christine didn’t have the first name of the second fellow but she said she would try and find out.  

Well, she didn’t need to as that night Sue N forwarded me a thank you email she had received for one of her laundry bags – and it was from the wife of the second fellow, who once again, has a distinctive surname.  So, now I knew his first name and also was able to tell his wife that he was on my list and would soon be receiving a quilt.  The story gets a lot better than that too but I can’t share names or units and so it makes it hard to tell the rest of it.   

Another example is that someone told me they were making a quilt for someone they know who has deployed.  Only problem – they haven’t checked to see if that person is on the list – guess what, they are on the list and a quilt has been nominated.  It may not have been posted yet but I am now scrambling to find out

PLEASE if you know someone who is deployed, or who is going in the near future – PLEASE check with me to see if they are on the list or not.  I have names on my list of people who are not deploying till November.  Smart loved ones, and even a few clever recipients, are getting in early.

Just check first.  You don’t want to make a quilt and send it off if they already have a quilt.  If one is already under construction specifically for that person there is not much I do about it but sometimes the quilt that has been allocated was not specifically made for that person and can be re-directed.  But I have to know about it in time.

AND  PLEASE DON”T TELL ME THINGS LIKE THIS VERBALLY.  I will not promise to remember them.  Please just sent me a quick email.  Much much safer that way!

Now how about a few Pretty Pleases with Cherries on Top?

“Hey again,
So my husbands back from his deployment and the kids are always asking to use Daddy’s special blanket on the lounge!  and the laundry bag has been taken away on our holiday!  Thank yo so much for getting that made for him while he was away.  

I was wondering if we can put in a request?  My little brother is now over in Afghanistan, any chance of him getting a special one made?”

Guess what!!  He is already on my list!

“My friend recently got a quilt from you guys and I was amazed at how good it was.  I am currently serving overseas as a pilot of the XXXX and was wondering what was involved in getting one for myself.”

I wrote and explained the process and this was his reply…

“Hi Jan-Maree,
That all sounds amazing, you guys are the best for doing this.  You have no idea how good this is for morale over here and to use as a memento of your time.  I love Batman, so if there was anything related to that it would be awesome.   I also like Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and surprise, surprise, I am a pilot that likes aviation.  Haha.  It is exciting to see what you guys come up with. They all sound amazing.”

“Hi Aussie Hero Quilts,

Firstly I would like to say what a wonderful and amazing job you are all doing. Being a defence spouse its wonderful to see you supporting and giving our troops something wonderful they can keep. Your volunteers must all be wonderful!
I myself would like make a request for a quilt and laundry bag for my hubby who has been deployed to TK and I know it will be getting cold there later & I’m sure he would appreciate something like that. Is this the way I go about it?
I know he would like something with Australia on it with blue material and something a bit manly looking (he’s a real man’s man!) Is that OK?
I have seen what an amazing job all the volunteers have been doing as I have been following your group for a few months & now that my hubby is away until xmas would love to share this with him.
Please let me know if this is possible. Once again, you are all wonderful and doing a fantastic job!
I look forward to hearing back from you.”

This is my favourite story tonight- First the wife message me on facebook – 

“Hi there, My husband is currently on deployment in Afghanistan and I was wondering of there was any chance if I might be able to put him on a list to get a quilt or laundry bag at some stage.  He has just left 2 weeks ago, and is due back end of December.  I would love to be able to make him one myself but I think I missed out on the sewing/Craft gene.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.”

next thing the husband messaged me himself.

“Hi there,
I am an Aussie Soldier currently serving in Afghanistan.  I have seen the great work that you do and I am jealous of all the other blokes with their quilts and laundry bags.  I serve as a plumber and my posted unit back home is XXXXX.  We all appreciate the great work that you do and thank you for your support.”

    The funny thing was……….someone else had got in before both of them! LIKE I SAID Check with me please!

    And for the last word – Angela sent me this picture. She had just finished taking pics of these and left them on the sofa while she did a quick job.  Barney, the cute furry one, decided to give them one more quick quality control test just to make sure they are are up to scratch for our Heroes.  These quilts, by Sandra and Angela, are heading into their boxes and off to the recipients tomorrow.  Luckily they passed the Barney test!

    Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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    1. Janine C

      Barney is so beautiful, nothing like the dog or cat test to prove it's a good quilt or pillow. Those kangaroos on the backing are wonderful too, what a great quilt that will be to sleep under.
      Not sure why but those cherry letters gave me a few tears tonight. You just want to hug them all.


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