How To Request A Quilt
and/or Laundry Bag

Thank you for your interest in obtaining an Aussie Hero Quilt or Laundry Bag for your husband, wife, partner, friend, colleague or yourself.

Who is eligible to request an Aussie Hero Quilt/Laundry Bag?

We would love to make quilts and bags for all members of the Australian Defence Force but we are just not able to so we concentrate our efforts on the following members:

  • You are proceeding on deployment/operation to a location with an AFPO address (eg Operation Accordion)
  • You or a colleague (past or present veteran) are or have left or are leaving the ADF
  • You or a colleague (past or present veteran) are in compassionate need or are experiencing ill health due to physical or mental courses.

Of course if you feel that your desired recipient should be considered please do contact us and we will make a decision based on each individual situation.

Groups or anyone else you think is deserving

Please email co*******@au**************.au before you canvas your team/colleagues for their preferences to ensure that we are able to accommodate your request at this time.

So how do I make a request?

Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and hit submit. It’s that simple.

However, if you wish to confirm that your request will be considered, based on the information in the ‘Who is eligible to request’ section above, before submitting the form, please email co*******@au**************.au

Do I have to wait till my husband/partner/friend is deployed before requesting anything?

No, you don’t. Deployments can change and be cancelled but giving us a heads up is great for planning. The important thing is to remember to come back to me when you have all the details that are required, things like the address which you often don’t find out till very close to the deployment time. Do you know how often someone makes the initial contact and then gets caught up in all the madness, rush and emotion that is pre-deployment, and then forgets to get back to me? The good thing about sending us your request in advance is that I can come back to you and remind you if I think the time is getting close.

How much does it cost to request a quilt of a laundry bag?

Zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing!

The quilts and laundry bags are a gift to say thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices that service asks of you and your loved ones.

If we are posting to someone on deployment with an AFPO address then of course postage will be free. If, however, there is no AFPO address, we ask that you cover the cost of postage as we cannot ask the volunteers to cover those expenses as well as their time and materials.

If you would like to reduce our other costs, you can review the ways that you can assist us by viewing the Make a Donation page (there are a lot of different ways that you can donate to us).

How do the volunteers choose which request to make?

Hmmm, there might be a few of you interested in this one. Every week a Request List of all the requests sent in is collated and sent out to the guys and girls on my Volunteers List…plus it is added to our Blog every week! The volunteers choose the request they would like to make based on the preferences asked for and the resources and skills they have.

Will the quilt or laundry bag be what is requested?

We cannot promise that you will receive exactly what you are asking for but we do try our best. Please let me know what you might like on your quilt, or your favourite colours, hobbies and interests. If we are concerned that a request is too complex we will simplify it as required to meet the skills of the quilters available.

What are you waiting for? Request your quilt or laundry bag now:

    Request a Quilt or Laundry Bag

    To confirm that your request will be considered, based on the information in the ‘Who is eligible to request’ section above, please email co*******@au**************.au

    Once your request has been accepted please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and hit submit. It’s that simple.


    Fill out the request form in the following way (as per the example below but we do request as much information as possible on the recipient and their eligibility for a quilt or laundry bag):

    Upload the completed request form below.

    AHQ Request Form (#4)