Weekly Dispatches 21 June

Written by AHQ

21 June 2013

The tally so far-

56 quilts this week and 84 laundry bags.

661 quilts and 1363 laundry bags for 2013

1668 quilts and 2737 laundry bags in total.

Just stop for a minute and look at those totals.  Last year we did just under 1000 quilts for the year.  This year, it is not even the end of June, not even 6 months into the year, and already we have done over 600 quilts.  And check out the laundry bags!  Last year we had done, in the WHOLE year, 1379 laundry bags.  Just look how many we have done this year already – almost the same number.  


You guys are the best!

Grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy this week’s bumper crop of quilts and laundry bags.

Anne H




Fran T certainly achieved this week posting off ten laundry bags and two quilts. 
Way to go Fran!

Now this is  a special quilt made by 8 year Georgia under the supervision of Gail, her grandmother. It is her first sewing, and she wanted to do it “for a soldier”. Wow.  Georgia did all the piecing, and all that lovely straight line quilting as well.  Gail finished with some stippling on the shorter side pieces,  and did the hand sewing of the binding. I have selected a special recipient for this one.

Well done Georgia!!!

Jeann took some of our wonky nine patch BOMs and combined them into this lovely quilt.

Yes, it is for a sailor!

And check out this awesome quilting by Jeann’s friend Lisa S.  There is certainly something to be said for plainish backings when the quilting is as special as this!

Joan has stitched up a laundry bag storm as well this week.

This is a joint effort.  I cut the strips and added them to some of the BOM strips. Carolyn sewed them together at a sewing day in Penrith and then I added the Bulldogs logo.  Liz B then quilted it and sent it off.
Julie Ann





Liz B made this laundry bag to go with a quilt you saw on the blog last week.

You saw this quilt earlier in the week – made by Louise and quilted by Carol you had to wait till it had been received.

And thanks for the embroidery Michele

Another one made by Louise, mostly from fabric donated by the family of the soldier.
This one quilted by DeeEmEss

Another Louise and DeeEmEss joint effort.

Yes, Louise has been on a roll – the next two quilted by Nancy

This quilt top was made and sent to me by Janet V – I added the bucking horse for a rodeo loving lady and then Nancy quilted it and sent it  off.

Lynn made this quilt top, I added the horse’s head and Nancy quilted it and sent it off.

Lynn created this quilt top and this time Kim quilted it.

Margaret R made the next two very different quilts

Michelle C

just had to show you the close up of the feature fabric.  This has gone to a cowboys fan!

Miriam makes these gorgeous quilt tops and sends them to me.

Liz B quilted this one with gum leaves. Gorgeous!

Nancy not only quilted a few for me she also sent of some of the ones she quilted for her ladies from around the Boulder Kalgoorlie Area.  One of her recent ones ended up, coincidentally with a Boulder local.  He was pretty chuffed.
It does not show up in the photos but Nancy quilts them all with Australian Animals.

Pam S, whose son is one of our recipients, has beavered away at some laundry bags. 

Penrith Sewing Day ladies made these blocks, Laurel put them together and Nancy quilted it and sent it off.
Rita M

Stephanie T created this – you can’t see well but the feature fabric is nursing dogs and this is bound for an appropriate recipient.

This was pieced by Wendy C (on the left) and the embroideries were made by Patricia S (on the right).

This was made by the Willow Quilting Group from VIC.

Sue N

Finally I can show you this quilt.  I posted this to the Chaplain from HMAS ANZAC on the 7th of December last year. It should have been posted by the 1st but I just could not make it – I always make sure that everyone else is sorted before the chaplains but the chaplain was sure it would catch up to him.  Well it did, eventually!

According to the box, it went to HMAS TOOWOOMBA (the next ship in the Middle East) as HMAS ANZAC had returned by then, then to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman, Sri Lanka, HMAS STIRLING then to HMAS ANZAC which by then had been moth-balled and the crew went to HMAS STUART.  Someone on HMAS STUART sent it to HMAS CERBERUS.

Fair Dinkum!  This quilt is better travelled than me!

The Chaplain is an Essendon tragic fan, hence the red and black.  

He has Scottish/Irish heritage

and if you knew his surname you would understand the significance of the specific tartan on the back.

I cannot believe that it finally made it and just as I had given up on it and had made plans for another quilt!

And last but absolutely not least – the Valhalla Talking Threads ladies have finished their quilts and sent them off.  Eleven went off in all but I am not sure which eleven so I have included all the pics of their quilts for you to enjoy.  The rest will be heading off in the next week or so anyway.

Massive effort this week all!  Well done!

Don’t forget the sewing day in Penrith on Sunday.  
Penrith Patchwork
BYO lunch and I will provide all fabric.
Would love to see you there.

Holiday Sewing Days 

I have called these the Holiday Sewing Days as my little darlings are both on holidays as of this afternoon (there goes my data again!).  I have checked out when everyone is free and available and have done my best to pick two days that I think work for the majority of ladies. 
The first sewing day will be Tuesday the 25thof June and the second will be Wednesday the 10th of July. 
For each day we will start around 10 and finish around 2-3pm depending on what suits your schedules.  I know some of you have a way to drive.  Please BYO lunch and I will provide tea and coffee etc.  If someone wants to bring a little something for morning or afternoon tea that would be great too. 
I will provide all fabrics and projects.

if you are interested in coming please let me know and either PM me on facebook or email me  (fr**********@gm***.com) for the address.  
I am looking forward to seeing you here on whichever day you can make it if any.

Till next time…………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    Way to go everyone! Magic numbers out there! Love it, love it, Love it!

  2. Unknown

    What an amazing load of quilts. Way to go.
    I really want to go to the Penrith sew in on Sunday, but I can't make it … I do hope there will be another one soon.

  3. Cathy Hetzel

    Great to see so many quilts…..I love the Aussie quilting by Jeann's friend Lisa S…. is it a panto that is available or did Lisa design t herself……


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