Sunday Sharing, Sad and Happy

Written by AHQ

23 June 2013

Firstly, I was saddened to hear the tragic news of the death of a Special Forces soldier and the injuries sustained by another soldier and an airman.  I sure I can speak for all Aussie Hero Friends when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and loved ones of these three men.

When the time is right I will approach the chaplains, as I always do in this situation, and will offer the family of our deceased soldier a Fallen Warrior Quilt.  I am thinking that we should be able to make a nice one out of some of the gorgeous wonky log cabin blocks I have been receiving.  They should make a lovely comforting quilt.  As this soldier came from 2 Commando Regiment, according to the ABC article, I am thinking of adding the 2CDO Regt badge on the back of the quilt.  Please let me know what you think if you have an opinion.


I am sure we can all use some brightening up tonight.  Nothing brightens my day that hearing from those we are sending to and knowing that our quilts and laundry bags let them know that they are in our thoughts.

Good Evening Fran,
My name is XXXXX and I have been serving overseas for approximately 3 months and I still have a long way to go before I get home. I am thoroughly enjoying my deployment and also look forward to getting home on completion of my tour.
I just wanted to send you an email telling you how thankful I am for my Hero Quilt and Laundry Bag. You mention the “quilts are not works of art, but works of the heart” and I disagree, my quilt is sensational and the colours are perfect. It is more then a quilt now too because whenever I use it at home it will remind me of my time spent in Afghanistan.
I can not thank you and whoever else is out there volunteering their time to making quilts and laundry bags for the men and women serving overseas. It is really appreciated and warming knowing people at home are thinking of us while we serve over here.
I can only imagine how hard it would be to raise three girls so how you get spare time to sew as well you are an absolute gem of a person.
Take care and please keep up the awesome artwork even if people do not reply it is really really appreciated.


On Facebook but for Jeann who made this quilt from BOM Blocks

Just wanted to say a big thank you and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quilt and laundry bag.  It is beautiful and has brightened up my room.  Thank you again.

Laundry bag made by Julie Ann and quilt by Nancy 

I just waned to say a very big thank you for the Quilt and laundry bag.  I have greatly appreciated the time and effort put into making these wonderful items. the quilt and laundry bag have already seen considerable use and its only the start of a very long deployment.

Thank you again and all the best.


I recently arrived in Afghanistan and received one of your hand made laundry bags. I just wanted to say thankyou very much for your effort, thoughtfulness and appreciation of our service over here. It definitely makes it easier to find in the laundry room! 🙂

For Carol from her recipient

Thank you so much for my package that I got today.  The quilt is amazing.  Much better than what is abailable to us here.  Thank you also for telaundry bag as my current one is falling apart.  Thanks guys.  Great work.

and from his grateful wife

I just had a call from XXXXX.  He received his quilt and laundry bag.  Thank you so much he loves it and the letter was so heart warming.  I can’t thank you enough for what you do.  Our troops are truly blessed to have someone at home care enough.

Quilts and laundry bags were arranged for this fellow’s team and this is the special email I received.

Dear Jan Maree,
I would like to extend my warmest regards to you, and convey my sincerest thanks for the recent delivery that I received, of a Quilt and Laundry bag.
I am amazed by the work that has been put into these items, and very humbled that people would go to so much effort to do this for myself and my fellow soldiers.
It is very difficult being away from home and away from our families, and to receive any sort of package from home is a fantastic morale boost. But to know that people are going to so much effort to create a personal gift for somebody that they don’t know is something else.
As we are proud to be serving our  nation on operations, you all should be very proud of the support that you are providing to us. It is people like yourselves that make Australia great.
Several members of my team, located across the Middle East, have been fortunate enough to have received a quilt and laundry bag. I can tell you that all of us were thrilled, and very grateful.
I know that the quilt that I received was particularly special, and it is something that I will keep in my family for a long time.
I will personally contact Jeann to thank her for the hard work and detail that she put into my quilt. She obviously loves what she does, as it shows in the quality of her work.
If you could please pass on my thanks and regards to all of those involved with supporting this fantastic initiative, it would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards
“A little bear can Fix it”, is the motto of our unit, 17 Construction SQN. But on the day I received your Quilt your organisation Hero Quilts, fixed a lot more.

Your quilts brought humour into our environment. I was one of  five/six that within my group of Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians received your packages at the same time.They caused a big fuss, and a lot of laughs within the group as we bantered to each other, who’s was the best. As we are tradesman, it came down to such technical details such as, thread count, Texture, colour coordination, thread pattern and so on (no simple task).  But if memory serves me well, I believe that one of you had also added a chocolate bar into the fray (box).  Well that couldn’t be trumped?   

Your efforts as well as that from Judy and Dickie D from Tasmania, (laundry Bag) and others have helped to reinforce/cement into my own children, (when I write or email) the importance of self sacrifice and giving.  

Your support has not only brought a smile to my wife, but the comments from others after I emailed her a photo (she then posted onto our family Facebook page) of the lads all displaying there own works of material art, also received grand support.

I hear a lot of bad press in the Media of the negative’s that are currently taking place within my/our organisation of late. I wish to say that our boys and girls are all working hard together, we are very proud of our defence force and of your efforts in support of us. Your contribution is invaluable. Your efforts go further than just supporting us. It reverberates back into our families and community and will be a treasured item within my home, (as it will be used to keep my 9 month olds baby daughter warm. And I cant think of anything more important than that.)


When the previous email arrived I shared it with all those that had a hand in making quilts and laundry bags for this group of fellows (I hope I got everyone) and one of those groups is the Happiness Fairies. I received this email from one of them that I just had to share as I know that the mothers and wives and members of 7RAR who returned home on Thursday the 20th will appreciate it.

Hi,I belong to the Fairies Quilting group here in Adelaide and have been involved with the quilts for our soldiers Overseas .Yesterday morning I was at the airport waiting for my family to arrive from Indonesia where my daughter and her husband teach in a Christian school ;they are here for a short holiday with their 4 children.  Well it just so happened that 140 soldiers were arriving from Dubai; so I stood and clapped along with their families , friends and folk who were ringside like me. It was very moving to see so many young men and family men being collected up in fierce hugs while dressed in army fatigues. I chatted with a young woman who was waiting and mentioned the quilts and she knew of them and the laundry bags and was very appreciative. 

Reading the lovely email from the tradies and then being “a part” of welcoming home the troops yesterday just makes it all so much more real and gives a sense of awareness of their commitment
My lovely family arrived with my 15 yr old granddaughter sporting a very new look. She had hair half way down her back and she (along with 2 friends ) shaved her head to a buzz cut to raise money for Childhood cancer and to support her 4 yr old cousin who is undergoing treatment; as the young father in the email said it’s so important to have our children think of others isn’t it.
Anyway just wanted to touch base and thank you for sending the emails that you receive. We really love reading them.  Well done for staring this project it is so very important and also satisfying for those involved.  Packing day  here is a real social time after the work .

And to Angela who made the brown quilt on the left at the front

Hello Angela,
Thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag, it was an unexpected surprise that put a huge smile on my face. It is wonderful to see people such as yourself thinking of us and taking the time to make such special items. I really like the quilt and the southern cross on it. I will ensure I will keep an eye out to pass the laundry bag onto someone who has missed out. All the guys from the unit have received quilts and we are very grateful for your thoughts.
We are keeping busy and find the work very fulfilling. I have attached a photo of all the guys with there quilts.
Thank you for your letter it was good to hear about yourself, and “the chatting chooks”.
Once again Angela I would like to say thank to yourself, your family, the chatting chooks and Hero quilts for what you have done. It really does put a smile on every ones face to see that others back home are thinking of them.
 Kind regards.

Till next time, stay safe and well and be grateful for those you love.

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