The cherries on top of the requests.

Written by AHQ

20 June 2013

I am very conscious of the fact that where Aussie Heroes is concerned I am the only person who sees all the requests that come in for our quilts and laundry bags.  That means that I get to read all the lovely things that people say when they request something, whether it be for themselves, a mate or a loved one.  Remember the old saying “Pretty please with a Cherry on Top”?  Well tonight I am going to try and share some of the pretty pleases and the cherries with you.  Just bear in mind I have to edit to protect the identity of the author.

This from a wife requesting for her husband.

“He mentioned that guys have been receiving quilts etc made by people back home who have no idea who they are. His comment was “it’s very nice that there are people who care enough to put so much effort in for us”.”

Dear Jan-Maree,
I have heard of your organisation through fellow soldiers deployed with me in Afghanistan and would like to say what a wonderful idea it is and let you know that the guys and gals absolutely love what you and your team are doing for them.
Unfortunately, myself and the 5 other soldiers in the XXXXX Team have, until now, not known of your existence.  As such I would like to inquire how I go about organizing quilts and laundry bags for myself and the rest of the team:
Again, thank you in advance and the work that you are doing is definitely appreciated by the soldiers I serve with in Afghanistan.  
Respectfully yours,
        These quilts and laundry bags are of a far superior quality than anything else available here and I for one will be taking mine home and using it for as long as I can, the fact that these are fashioned by Australians for Australian Soldiers makes them that much more special in a place where special means a lot.  Most of the personnel with your laundry bags brag about them and how good they are…..and not a single one of them is the same.  I thank you for the effort you and your people are making and believe me when I say it certainly livens up their day.
My name is XXXXX and a  few of the guys over here have told me what you do and I must say that your work is appreciated and is spoken of on a regular basis.  I am interested in having a quilt and bag made as a reminder of being overseas but also to remind me that there are people at home who care about us and what we are doing.  Is it possible to have a quilt made with a cycling theme as I am a rider and a member of the Defence Cycling Club back home.  I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon and once again thank you for your support as it is much appreciated.


I have recently deployed to the MEAO and have seen quilts of others and they are FANTASTIC. I am very interested in receiving one.

I would be extremely appreciative to receive anything that is sent, but if it helps I like to do craft, (card making, scrap booking) sew and have done a little quilting myself. Favourite colour is pink, and like pastel colours with roses/floral prints. I also spend a lot of time at the gym.  I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance for the wonderful work that you do

Hi Jan, 
This is truly and amazing thing you are doing.  It really is nice to receive mail from home when deployed.  I would love to receive a quilt as I think this would look great in my room.  I’m more than happy to have it sent to me whilst I am deployed.  I’ll confirm postage information shortly.  Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.  What you do for the deployed troops is very much appreciated.  I saw a friend on her way home a few weeks ago and she was taking her quilt to keep her warm on the plane back to Australia.

This is the first time I have heard of your organisation and the work that you do. I think it is a wonderful thing you do. this and I like would like to please request a quilt and laundry bag if I may.  My interests are Military stuff and AFL (Geelong Cats) and NRL (Cowboys) .

 I miss my home very much and cant wait to return to Australia and marry my wonderful partner so we can start a family together early next year.
I have received an email in regards to having a laundry bag and quilt made and if possible would love to receive one. I think its amazing that complete strangers do such nice things for our soldiers! I would be very grateful to receive one of your hand made quilts and a laundry bag. My favourite colours include blues, purples and white. I will be deployed in country for approximately three months unless otherwise extended. 
Kind Regards from a very grateful young soldier,

My husband s currently deployed overseas and I have just been told of your amazing quilts.  how can I go about arranging a quilt for him?  Looking through the photos I had to hold back the tears as I know just how much this will mean to the boys currently overseas so far from home but wrapped in love.

That will have to do for tonight  – I will try and share some more next week.  

As usual on a Thursday night – here is a list of those who have quilts or laundry bags in the mail this week.  Please let me know if you are not on this list and should be.

Fran T
Julie Ann
Liz B
Margaret R
Michelle C
Miriam and Liz B
Pam S
Rita M
Stephanie T
Wendy C and Patricia S
Valhalla Talking Threads Group

And don’t forget the sewing day in Penrith on Sunday!  Any queries give me a yell.

Till next time ………………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Janine C

    What wonderful messages, thanks for sharing those. Knowing what a great organiser you are Jan-Maree we know that all these requests will be filled.

  2. Sue Niven

    A great read, thanks for sharing, I have posted 6 lots of laundry bags this week,3 on Monday and 3 yesterday.


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