Monday Sewing and Cooking

Written by AHQ

24 June 2013

Yesterday was the latest sewing day in Penrith and we had a big, HUGE turn out!  LOL There were two of us.  There were various reasons why the regulars could not join us and they were missed but Kiwi Karen and I still managed to sew up a storm!  Well, Karen sewed up a storm – I cut up a storm.  We managed to piece the backing for one quilt which was posted off to Belinda for quilting today.  Then we got stuck in an put together a quilt top for a Superman fan.  
Then we worked on a quilt for a 4WD fan.

And finally we worked on a third quilt top which is still in two pieces so that I can complete some applique on it.  

They might only be strippy quilts but the reality is that if these guys didn’t get strippy quilts they would not be getting quilts in their preferred theme.  The Tradies in last night’s blog were well chuffed with their strippy quilts so I don’t think these guys will complain.

The next sewing day is tomorrow at my home, follows by another at my home on Wednesday the 10th.  On the 14th of July we are having a Sewing Day in Penrith again.  Given that school holidays are on and there seem to be all sorts of things popping up in the schedule I am not expecting a huge turn out to any of the days but Karen and I agreed that we were really pleased with what we got done yesterday and SO MUCH MORE than if I had been working on my own.  I am hoping that we will get the quilt top made from all the sport and food star blocks that you have been sending in so that I can get it off to the quilter next week.

I am finally getting around to organizing a mailing list for those ladies in Sydney who want to be kept informed of what is happening with the Sydney Sewing Days so if you want to be included on the list please let me know.  

Now, I don’t know about you out there but I would so much rather sew than cook.  Don’t think that I don’t like cooking – I do.  I particularly love to bake and a good dinner party is always a good excuse to roll out some of those recipes that you don’t use all the time. Most of the time though, I would just rather sew.  I am sure I am not alone so I thought we should think about sharing some of our favourite quick nutritious (well we have to try to be good!) recipes.  I will go first but feel free to email me any recipes you would like to share and from time to time I will post a few on the blog.

Tasty Beef Casserole 

There is nothing like a yummy slow cooked casserole on a cold winter’s night.  I don’t have a slow cooker but I love to mix up a casserole and let it cook slowly in the oven on a really low temperature while I stitch the day away.  As my recipe only has two (YES TWO) ingredients with lots of optional extras, it needs more of an explanation than a recipe.  

The first ingredient is 1kg of Oyster Blade Steak.   My butcher usually chops it up for me otherwise just cut it into nice chunky pieces.  

The second ingredient is simple – a 410g can of Big Red Tomato Soup Concentrate.  Yep!  That is it.  

Okay, so now the explanation.

My boys do not like all the added little bits and pieces, like onion for example, that go into making a casserole.  Seriously they don’t know what they are missing out on.  I would make a big hearty beef and veggie casserole with all the goodies added to it and the boys would eat the meat and leave the veggies. What a waste!!!   So, when I am cooking for just myself and one or both of the boys I just put the beef in the casserole dish and add in the tin of soup.  I make sure it is mixed around so that all the meat is coated with the soup and then into the oven it goes on low (around 150C) for two or three hours.  This is the kind of dish that you could put in the oven before you go out for a couple of hours and when you get home it is ready to go.  How do you know when it is ready?  Easy!  stick your fork into a piece of meat and if it falls apart it is ready. Slow cooked oyster blade should be so tender that you do not need a knife to eat it.  I then cook all the veggies separately and they are actually eaten so I am a happy mum. 

Of course if you are not cooking for fussy teens feel free to add any veggies you like.  I think brussell sprouts would be good – they would go well with the flavour.   Adding carrots and potatoes as basics to the pot goes down really well with me and you can add whatever you like. The more veggies the merrier I think.

So, minimal effort, maximum results and plenty of sewing time left!

Let me know if you have any good quick recipes to share – I am sure I am not the only one in need of inspiration and variety.

Now that dinner is sorted, I am off to sew.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  

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  1. Sue Niven

    I am so with you on the sewing rather than cooking! Except that I do not like cooking. Luckily for me and my boys, my hubby likes to cook. I eat only once a day, a microwaved potato with baked beans (or 5 bean mix) and cheese! it only takes 10 minutes (i cut the potato into pieces, microwave safe container, cook for 8 minutes, leave for a minute, add beans and cheese, cook for another 2 minutes then eat. Only one container to wash up, then back to whatever i was doing before.

  2. Janine C

    So good that you and Kiwi Karen were pleased with what you got done. I'd really love to come to a sewing day, it's been 20 years since I belonged to a sewing group (when I probably did as much talking as sewing) but alas, it's just too far to travel down from Qld.
    I often wonder if there are any other AHQers here on the Sunshine Coast … up the Maroochydore/Nambour end, who would like to have a sewing with chatting day.


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