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Written by AHQ

9 June 2014

Who said long weekends were relaxing? No this little birdie!

I am posting early today as I want to get the message at the bottom on the post out as soon as possible and get the ball rolling.  You will see what I mean when you get there. 

This is a short week for most of us on the East Coast but it is an even shorter week for me.   More on that later.  

We had a very successful sewing day in Penrith yesterday.  Laundry bags were the project of the day Kiwi Karen, Carolyn and Caroline and I managed to get some cool ones done.  I have been dying to do this Superman one for ages and finally got the time to sew it up.  Thanks to Michele for embroidering my words for me – so much quicker than applique!

If you know a deployed Aussie Super Hero who would appreciate this laundry bag please send me a PM or email and I will send it on its way.

My house looks like a bomb hit it at the moment with stuff to put away from yesterday and a stack of parcels to be sorted, addressed and posted.   That will keep me busy for the rest of today and much of tomorrow.   On Wednesday there is another sewing day at my home so I need to clear the decks so there is somewhere for people to work!  LOL

The real reason that my week is shorter than normal, however is that I am heading away for a few days on Thursday!  Firstly I am heading to Wagga on Thursday night so that I can attend a March Out Parade on Friday at Kapooka.  A fabulous young man I know (and am very proud of) is Marching Out and I always promised him I would attend if I could.  I would not miss it for quids!  I have never been to a March Out before so am really looking forward to it.  I am looking forward, hopefully, to catching up with a couple of recipients as well.  

Later on that afternoon I will be driving to Wodonga to visit with one of my very early recipients and his family for the night.   I have not seen them for almost two years. The last time was when they visited me at my home not long after his return from Afghanistan.  I am really looking forward to seeing them all again.  

Just a reminder that I am flying up to Townsville on the 27th of June.  Anyone interested in saying hello please join us on Castle Hill for bubbly at sunset.  I have to admit that as I write this I am huddled next to the heater in my office and I am quite looking forward to a weekend of warmer weather.  

I also have another trip scheduled and will be heading to Melbourne for a long weekend in July. I will arrive on the 17th and am busy that nigh,t but am planning to stay till the 20th or 21st.  I need to catch up with my In-Laws but I would love to catch up with anyone who is interested whilst I am down there.  Not sure where I am staying yet (probably somewhere around Nunawading as I have family there) and what date I am free…….. maybe we could do a lunch or afternoon tea somewhere easy for me to find and get to.  More details when I have them but let me know if you think you would be interested.    

One last thing before I go! 

I need your help.  

I regularly get emails from recipients wanting me to pass on your email address or your postal address as they have lost your addresses/letters before they have a chance to write back.  I would like to put together a consolidated list of all the active Aussie Hero Friends so that I can refer to it quickly and send off the required information straight away rather than having to email you first and ask for your address and for your permission.  If you are happy for me to share your postal address, or email address, with your recipients please can you make sure that I have those details.  

The details will ONLY be available to those wanting to thank you for your involvement in Aussie Heroes and will not be released for any other purpose without your permission.  

Now, because I am not exactly the most technically capable person I have been blessed with the assistance (and incredible patience) of Tracey, the wife of one of our serving members.  She has accepted responsibility for updating the address list for me, bless her.  Because I want to get this sorted as soon as possible, as well as posting this request here, I will also be emailing it to all those on my volunteer list.  Once we have the list as complete as we can get it Tracey will email all those on the contact list for whom we have email addresses and not postal addresses to follow up.  That means you could easily receive three requests for this information.  Please be patient and bear with us.

Whether you think I have your address or not, so that we do not let anyone slip through the cracks, can you please email Tracey (NOT ME)  with your name and postal address so that she can make sure you are included in the database.    

Tracey’s email address is tj***********@me.com
Just because you have been around Aussie Heroes for ages does not mean that you have had your address recorded on our data base.  Usually I am the only one keeping the records up to date and let’s just say my priory is getting quilts and laundry bags to recipients.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    A Great job! Have fun in Wagga Wagga, I have been there once and it is terriffic! a beautiful place.

  2. Sue Niven

    I would love to meet you when you are down in Melbourne!


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