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10 June 2014

Hi all,
I have a really special thank you message first tonight.  
This is from the wife of someone who received a Wounded Warrior Quilt.  

Ladies, I’d just like to say thank you so much for the work, love and the effort you put in to your quilts and bags. My hubby has not long come home early due to some injuries he sustained in a fall. While he was in hospital overseas he was fortunate enough to receive a Wounded Warriors Quilt and although he doesn’t feel worthy, he felt privileged to receive it. Being back home and unable to help him while he was still over there was very frustrating, especially when his spirits were down. It was comforting to know he was the recipient of such a kind gesture.
I wanted to let you all know that these quilts not only keep our guys and girls warm but it does help them emotionally while being so far away from home.
Please keep up the amazing work  

A very special thank you to this fellow’s wife for thinking of sending us this message.  
I really appreciate it.

This is another special message from a mother who requested a quilt that she could give to her daughter to let her know how much she loves her and misses her whilst she is deployed.  

Your quilts make big and little people so happy, Jan. thank you so much again, it was so special to be able to hand it over to my daughter on our two week break. She now has something to keep her warm until I return much love,  xx


Dear Norma, Nancy and Jan-Maree

This is a short note to thank you very much for the quilt that I received.
Whilst in no way am I a hero, I am a serving officer currently based in Afghanistan.  I live in a small room with two Americans in a ‘hardened’, windowless building. Outside is hot and dusty (I imagine not dissimilar conditions as Kalgoorlie-Boulder?). Our conditions are far from idyllic, but I am forever cognisant that the comforts that we enjoy are far beyond that which Australian officers and soldiers endured in wars gone. One of those comforts includes the quilt that you have made and sent. 

My quilt sits on the vacant top bunk above my bed. Each time I come into my room, I see it and am reminded of our great country, and more importantly, our warm beautiful people. The quilt, all things going well, will come home with me; it will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you very much

Joan and Robin

Thanks do much for the hard work you are doing back home.

It is truly great, in the manner and sprit you are providing a smile to the boys and girls out here in the dust and sand. So thanks for all you do and keep up the good work, I was lucky enough to receive a laundry bag that will last until I get home next year.

In my role as you would understand people make a difference and gee you are truly team players, we appreciate you time and support.

Very Best Regards



I just wanted to email you both to thank-you for the laundry bags that you make up and send overseas to Australian Defence members serving abroad. I received one today that was part of a wonderful number of bags received and I wanted to thank-you for taking the time to make them and send them across! They are greatly appreciated and will be well used!

Thank-you so much again! The Laundry bag will be used well after the deployment as well!

Now do you remember that soft and pretty Aussie themed quilt we made a while ago….


I have received the quilt and it is excellent. I have attached two photos (I’m sorry they are not very good!) of the quilt so you have an idea of the finished product.

The SnugglePot and CuddlePie pieces brought back memories from my childhood and the quilt now has pride of place on my bed. I have actually used it quite often so while it is lovely to look at it is also very practical!

Warm regards


Hello Debbie
Wow, Thank you so much for the laundry bag, never thought I would see such a cheeky and bright bag, gave me a huge smile and my comrades around me a laugh too – you rock.  I hope your wheat comes good for you!

Yes the yellow was to try to liven up the place and give a laugh.  I do like to laugh and joke, if its all in clean fun and no one gets hurt then its on!  I do need to say I love the caped crusader. well done!  Lastly I would like to respond and to say from a serviceman, thank you for your support.  Be safe. Be well.  With warm regards and wishes. 

Julie Ann,
                Thank you very much for the quilt and laundry bag, they are magnificent.
                My primary reason for asking for a “Dr Who” quilt was so that my 11 year old daughter could have it when I return home. She will love it.
Once again, I thank you for your wonderful work and I hope this card finds you well. Many regards.
Hi Jan!

Yes the quilt has arrived it is awesome!!! I got a lovely letter from Irene as well which I will reply to as soon as I can!!    Once again thankyou very much!!

G’day Pennie,

Firstly all I can say is “WOW”

When I opened the box to find the Disney princess quilt for my daughter I was overwhelmed (and I still am). The work that you put into it is absolutely amazing and I could not wait to show her.  I Skype’d her the first moment I could to show her the quilt you did for her, and surprise surprise she was still wearing her Aerial dress that her poor mother cannot get her out of at the moment.

I showed her the back of the quilt first with all of the princess on it and she got so excited she asked if it was hers and started naming all of them for me. I told her that I would bring it home with me in July and showed her the other side, when she saw the big Aerial on the front of it she just stopped, sat down, put her head in her hands and said “wow…….. mummy look”

Ever since then when I skype her she has to see Arial on the quilt and her reaction is like seeing it for the first time every time. I can’t wait to give it to her in person so she can admire it in real life.  When she does finally calm down I will try my best to get a nice picture of her with the quilt to send to you.

Also thank you for my laundry bag as well as the beanies that your mother-in-law Valda knitted, looking at the weather for when I get back, I think both my daughter and myself will need them to fight off the chill in Sydney. Which is why we plan to head up to Queensland for a few days to see my brother and parents who want to  take her to the Australian Zoo.

Anyway thank you once again for your excellent and caring work, you have definitely brightened up my deployment and I will talk to you soon.

Hi Leanne,

I have recieved your wonderful quilt.  I just want to say thank you very much! I have put it to good use and it has brought some much needed colour to my living quarters.  I am so impressed with the skill of craftsmanship and the quality of the quilt, so many small squres of different fabric! It must have taken you some time to make.  I don’t consider myself to be a hero at all, I’m just a sailor doing his job a long way from home.  Our ship, HMAS Darwin has been quite active in the middle east area of operations, we have made several significant narcotics seizures during our time here, as well as two at sea rescue operations. So all in all quite a busy deployment.  I am looking forward to getting back home to my wife in august, we plan to go on a New Zealand snowboarding trip when i come home.  

I wish you and your family the very best in the future.  I have attached a picture of myself with the quilt and a few others for your enjoyment.

Thank you again for this wonderful initiative, I can assure you it brings many smiles to the people who recieve the quilts and laundry bags.  I have attached  a few photos for you to enjoy.

Best Wishes, 


The following is a thank you for a quilt top that Louise made and Evelyn and Robin quilted and bound.  

To all the wonderful people that contribute to Aussie Hero Quilts I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful work you do. I am currently serving in Afghanistan. Not long ago I received my quilt and when I opened it from the post box I was instantly in love with it. It comprises of my two favorite football teams, the Sydney Swans and the Newcastle Knights. Although one of my teams this year is performing well below standard i’m still overwhelmed with how good the quilt looks and I will treasure it for many years to come. I would like to give a special thank you to Jan-Maree. Giving a personal touch to your letter made it very heart warming and the chocolates that you sent well lets just say they didn’t last very long. 
I now only have two months of service left before returning home, so I am counting down the days. I am excited to get home, see my family friends and show them some of the things I have achieved.
I wish you all the best and encourage you to keep up the great work.  


Hi Debbie,

Thank you so much for all you efforts. I received my quilt today and I absolutely love it. The colours are amazing and I adore that you were able to incorporate he shoes, I even have a couple of pairs similar to the ones on the quilt. I am returning home soon and can’t wait to show it off.

So once again I wanted to say thank you.

Kind Regards

Hello Jan-maree
Thank you very much for my quilt, I love the super hero theme!
The ship’s photographer and myself thought it would be funny to take a photo of me wearing it like my own hero cape 🙂 I use it every day. all the girls in my mess love their quilts too, we all like to show them off to each other. Its a beautiful thing what you are doing at Aussie Hero Quilts, It was better than Christmas on mail day, in the middle of the ocean, somewhere in the middle east, after a long patrol to receive a present from you and your team, thank you!


Good afternoon Kim,

I would like to say a massive thank you for all of the time and hard work that you have put into making my quilt.
I loved that it was very ‘chary’ and all about our current deployment and Australia.
I was definitely showing it off to everyone once I received it.
I can only imagine how long that would have taken you to make and I am deeply grateful that you have taken time out of your day to make something so amazing to support us whilst we are away.
I would also like to say thank you for adding in the little goodies into the parcel as well. It was good to receive different treats from home, they were delicious. Especially the hot chocolate sachets! : )
I have attached a photo of me and my quilt sitting outside on the flight deck next to the 04.
Sorry that you can not see the bottom half of the quilt. The photographer wanted the under side turned up so you could see both sides and the label that was sewn on.


Hi Jan-Maree
The Quilt arrived safe and looks great I would like to thank you and your group for the hard work you put into making the quilts it will be a much treasured reminder of my time onboard HMAS Darwin and up in the MEAO 


Good Afternoon Joan and Robin:)

I am just emailing to let you know I received my laundry bag a couple weeks ago so I’m very sorry for the late reply its been a little crazy out here with paperwork etc. I absolutely love it:) its fantastic, definitely brought a smile to my face! Thank you so much for making this and I encourage you to continue making these for future war vessels as it definitely brightens up our day knowing we have so much support at home and people like you thinking of us and making us gifts:)

Dear Caroline,
 I received my gorgeous quilt recently.  Your letter and the quilts arrival sent a shiver down my spine and brought a tear to my eye.  Thank you so very much!!! This is something Ill hang onto my entire life and tell stories about for years to come.  I will send you some photos also, but thought I should get this to you sooner rather than later.  Please thank your mum for me and give Hunni a big hug for me also.
 When our new uniform (RAAF) is introduced, Ill see if I can get her a little outfit.

(Psst Hunni is Caroline’s dog!)


Remember those Aussie BOM blocks we did …….

Well Pennie put some together…….


Please let me take this opportunity to thank-you whole heartedly for the Aussie Quilt you put together for me. It arrived during our final mail transfer while we were alongside in Dubai, UAE for our self maintenance period – and a bit of rest and relaxation.

Please do not be at all concerned about the time it took to reach the ship. I was not at all worried, and in fact it gave me something to look forward to in each mail delivery. My wife always lets me know when to expect the packages she has sent, so not knowing when something was going to arrive ahead of time was a nice change. Both the quilt and laundry bag have already been put to good use, and while it is a bit hot here at the moment to utilise the Beanie I am confident it will be regarded with envy later in the trip while we are crossing the Great Australian Bite in the middle of winter! Please pass on my thanks to Valda, and to all the others who contributed their “blocks of the month” as well.

Thank-you also for the photo of yourself and your husband along with your gorgeous Grand Daughter. My grand parents used to live in Adelaide while I was a boy, so I have many fond memories of the Adelaide Zoo. I hope that the Pandas were a great success.

My thanks again, please be assured that all of your teams’ work is very well regarded onboard and lots of people take great pride in the quilts they have received. I look forward to meeting you once the ship returns to Sydney.

Yours Aye,

Dear Rita,
Firstly, thank you very much for the fantastic quilt and washing bag that you have made me. I was absolutely blown away with the end result! The washing bag took me back to when I was much younger, and used to have the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar read to me. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the picture on the bag. It’s funny what is stored away in the back of our minds, waiting to be thought about again! The quilt is top notch! I think my roommates have grown tired of me talking about it! It’s just clicked over to summer here, so I now have it proudly displayed right next to my bed.
I’m sure if your sewing, knitting and embroidery is anything like you expert quilt making skills, then your work is to a high standard! I’m most certain that the jumpers you knit are greatly appreciated for the babies in the third world countries. It is sad to see some of the things we take for granted, are sorely missed by others in less fortunate countries. Something as simple as a hand knitted jumper can bring so much joy!
 Lastly, for the record, Granny Apples is quite possibly the coolest name I have ever heard for a Grandmother!
Thank you again for the fantastic washing bag and the quilt!
Kindest regards

The following two messages and photos were posted on facebook for us.

Thanks a bunch guys. Absolutely fantastic job.
A massive thanks Aussie Hero Quilts! We all love you work over here! Particular thanks to Elizabeth in Perth for my beautiful Quilt and laundry bag!

That is it for tonight’s happy mail.  

Til next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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