Weekly Dispatches 28 March

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28 March 2014


Hi All,

I know it is Weekly Dispatches but I have a few others bits and pieces for you first.

Sydney Sewing Day

Well, I don’t know about you all but we had a productive day here yesterday.
Rita C got stuck in and made a whole quilt top for someone on HMAS Darwin (not saying who!) and it looks pretty cool.  Stephanie T arrived carrying the ten quilts that she has most recently quilted.  She matched up the next 11 quilt tops with backings (from the ones that Debbie, Evelyn and Robin pieced and pressed the week before last) and they went home with her for the next quilting storm.  So, yes, now I have ten quilts that need binding so if there are any voluneers in Sydney who love a bit of hand sewing or machine binding now is a good time to speak up.  πŸ™‚  

Kim M, another of our quilters brought over another super cool quilt that she has been working on for HMAS Darwin to get some fabric for the binding. 

Stephanie T stayed on and worked in tandem with Gale cutting out laundry bag kits.  They did such a good job. So good to see nice neat stacks of laundry bag kits where there used to be stacks of random fabrics.  

And I packaged up more quilt tops, backings, battings, bindings and covering letters to go to Jennidee, Joyce and then sorted the navy and white Carlton stars from the Mystery quilt with binding (thank you Carolyn EM) to go to Pennie for completion.   In case I haven’t mentioned it the Pink Stars for the other Mystery Quilt are on their way to Cath to be put together.   I still had a little time to start cutting out a new quilt. 

ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge

Just  reminder about the ANZAC Day laundry bag challenge.  So far Pennie, Joan and Julie Ann have submitted photos of their challenge entries.   Guess they are looking pretty good for first, second and third prizes (order to be determined) unless some more of you put in some entries.  I have tee’d up my friend in Kabul to do the judging and she is also going to be supplying the prizes.  Personally, I wish I was entering!  

Allocating quilts

This has been a really busy week and I have not managed to get around to allocating names to the quilts in the Quilts in Waiting File.  If you have a quilt that you are waiting for a name for you can you please message me so that I make sure it is on the list to be allocated this coming week.  Thanks for your patience.

And now for this week’s Show and Tell and the running tally.

193 quilts and 320 laundry bags for 2014.  

2555 quilts and 4047 laundry bags in total.

These laundry bags were sewn by Carolyn and Rachel at the sewing day in Penrith on Sunday and have now been dispatched to HMAS Darwin.

Credit for the Noah’s Ark bag goes to Kiwi Karen who made it to the sewing day for an hour but still managed to make a laundry bag.



Jenny and Gale 


Julie Ann


Kiwi Karen



Louise T

Lynn created this quilt top, I appliqued the name and Stephanie T quilted it.

Maddy and Kylie 


note the cute fabric in the inside.

Pauline and Elaine

Deputy Nut, aka, Caroline, has now got her mum Susan, sewing laundry bags for us! YAY  These nine headed off this week.

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Dasha

    Awesome quilts & LBs. Never ceases to amaze me how many different designs and colours the ladies come up with. Even the simplest ones are just great. Well done everyone.


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