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31 March 2014

G’day all,

I hope you have had a good weekend.  I can happily say that I got lots of sewing in and lots of preparation for more sewing!  YAY!

For those in Sydney the sewing day this week will definitely be on Friday at my home.  We start at 10am.  BYO sewing machine and lunch.  I will provide the rest.  The plan is to sew some laundry bags.  All welcome.  If you can sew a straight line you can definitely sew a laundry bag (if not a quilt).  Please let me know if you can make it.  If you need the address just PM me on Facebook or email me.  I look forward to seeing you then.

Tonight we will have the gratitude post that we normally have on Tuesdays as tomorrow night we are launching April’s Block of the Month.


Good Morning All,

I just want to thank Jan-Maree, Lenore and everyone at Aussie Hero Quilts for taking the time to create my beautiful Quilt. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Stephanie N.

I wanted to say a massive thanks for the laundry bag. When JM told me she had found someone to make it I was excited to be getting it done and when the email arrived that it had been sent I was ecstatic that it was on its way. I really enjoyed reading your letter and about your family and also about your Grandfather, both my Grandfathers served on the Kokoda Trail so it was special to 
read about your Grandfather’s experiences.

Your Grandfather is spot on about the mateship, loyalty, and sacrifice that we not only make but in my eyes, more importantly, the sacrifice our families and friends make as well.  It is not easy on the partners and families who have a loved one on operations.

In my opinion its organisations like Aussie Heroes that make it a lot easier to be away from home and for all the guys and girls on deployment with me it a special day when a quilt or laundry bag arrives and makes our rooms more like home rather than 4 walls and a roof.

Once again thank you very much for taking the time to make the bag and to also write the letter and thank you very much for the bag of lollies and tea bags they were great…!!


All the best.

Hello Jan-Maree,

I received an incredible gift from you and your fellow quilters, Lynn and Joan in the form of my quilt.  It was such a surprise to see how amazing it looked with such craftsmanship.  I have never received anything like this before.  
I have been serving for 24 years and completed several deployments, but have never received such a gift like this before. The work that must go into a quilt like this boggles my mind. There were some people quite jealous of the quilt as was my wife when I told her, so I will have to guard it.
It is an amazing thing you do for our deployed members who I know appreciate all the work you do.
Once again thank you so much for this wonderful gift it will be well used that’s for sure.
Please also pass on my thanks to Joan and Lynn it is a great thing you do supporting our Defence force.

Kindest regards,

Dear Mrs Sue N.

I am currently serving in Afghanistan with the Australian army. I recently received a beautifully crafted laundry bag with a few very nice gifts inside, and I just had to thank you for your generous and thoughtful gift.
It really goes a long way to hear back from home and to be humbled by such selfless acts. I can’t put in to words how appreciative I am for your thoughts, talented gifts and kind words. There is no need to thank us for doing our job, I think the thanks should go to you. After all, a soldier is only as strong as the people behind him, and you’ve shown me that, although we are a world away, we still stand together as one. Thank you again so very much. And send my highest regards to your daughter, two sons and your two cats. A very lucky family, to have such a selfless mother.
Thank you Sue.


Short and sweet but from my point of view – what more would you want when you make things for someone than to make them smile.  His email makes me smile every time I read it.  😀  I did the applique for this quilt, Del embroidered the badge, Lynn pieced the top and Belinda quilted it.   The recipient is a doctor, hence the medically themed quilting pattern.

Hi Jan-Maree
Quilt in action – makes me smile when I see it!

Hi Lisa, 
I received the lovely laundry bag you have so lovingly made (and the lollies) – thank you for both. It was my first bit of mail received since being here and I was very excited. The bag is a perfect size and I can’t wait to put away the old blue military issued ones and use something with a bit of colour.
Thanks once again for my gift and for your dedication to the serving members over here.

Hi Bev and Geoff,

I recently received my Aussie Hero Quilt that you both made for me. It is absolutely amazing and I love it! I couldn’t have possibly imagined a more perfect quilt. Everyone has commented on how lovely it looks and I have to agree.
Thank you both so much for the time and effort I know was put into it. It is always great to receive parcels at sea and this definetly put a smile on my face. 

(Incidentally, Bev and Geoff were surprised over the weekend with unexpected visitors in the form of one of her recipients from last year who came with her family to see Bev’s quilt shop.  Bev said it was a wonderful experience.  I knew it was happening and have been promised some photos which I will share as soon as I receive them.)

The following message and photo were left on Facebook for us. The lovely quilt was made by Angela and Amy for a fellow on HMAS Melbourne.

I just wanted to say BIG Thank You for my hubby’s amazing quilt. He is home now from Op Slipper and met our son for the first time on the wharf, his quilt is a wonderful addition to our son Aiden’s room.

And just for something a little different…

Say hello to Valda

I love it when some of our “senior” folk get involved in Aussie Heroes.  Many of them would have memories of passed wars. I would like to introduce you to Valda, Pennie’s mother-in-law.  Valda makes a beanie to go with every quilt that Pennie sends and they are proving very popular.  I asked Pennie to write a little about Valda as she includes a bit about her in the letters she sends off with her quilts and their recipients are really responding to her which is just lovely.

Pennie wrote 

“My mother-in-law is Valda, and she is 86 years old. She is an Anzac Day baby, born to a WW 1 veteran who spent his 18th birthday on the battle field in France. His experiences shaped Valda as a child, who was taught the importance of service and giving. She learned to knit as a child  during WW2, making socks for the troops deployed over seas. She also had friends with fathers who were interned in Changi Prison.

During the Korean War she was the wife of a Petty Officer in the Navy, and more recently she has had two grandsons in the forces. She has a great admiration and respect for all our Defence Force personnel, and despite being legally blind she likes to continue to contribute.

As a child Valda’s father sold war bonds, and as a result she got to go for a ride in the Lancaster bomber “G for George” which is in the Australian War Memorial.
She is full of lots of interesting little stories!”

Thanks so much for your contribution Valda, both to our current heroes and to those who went before them.  
Your efforts are much appreciated.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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