Penrith Patchwork… supporting us since the beginning….

Written by AHQ

24 August 2017

Jeff and the wonderful girls from Penrith Patchwork have been supporting us since way back when… before we had established ourselves, before we had made a name for ourselves.

We have a monthly sewing day there have been able to take advantage of an Aussie Heroes discount. 

Jeff has often given us bolts of fabric and other bits and pieces.

Time to give a little back.

At the moment Penrith Patchwork has masses of fabric all at $10 a meter!  Gorgeous fabrics! Whole ranges. 

Here is a sample of what they have.

Mini Pearl Bracelets
Train Blazing Story

A Wandering Mind Story 

Handcrafted Patchwork by Alison Glass

Captivate Story
Andover Plains

Mojito Story

Another Mojito Story

They also have loads of plains which are great foundations for Aussie Hero Quilts and if I need a novelty print I can call them and see if they have it. They are happy to send you a photo and then arrange a phone order if necessary. 

Penrith Patchwork
97B Henry Street
Penrith NSW 
Phone : 0247211213

Well worth a look!

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xxx 

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