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23 August 2017

Sometimes at Aussie Heroes we feel the need to reach out and let a particular group know that we care and are thinking about them. That is what happened when we heard that the crew of one of our RAN ships had suffered a tragic loss. Their popular and well respected Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Steven Noakes passed away during a maritime patrol operation on June 26th this year. 

When a small crew of around thirty personnel loses one of their own in such circumstances the impact is huge. 

Aussie Heroes wanted to let them know that we care and that they were in our thoughts.  The best thing we could think of was to make them all a laundry bag that would be a visual reminder that it is more than their family and friends who are thinking of them. 

In memory of LCDR Noakes we added a cord channel made from Poppy fabric.

The laundry bags were sent off at the beginning of August and were presented to the crew not long after when they reunited to head out to sea again on their first patrol after the loss of their captain. 

It has to be a difficult time for them but we hope it helps to know that we are thinking of them and sending them good wishes.



Anne W

Anne H 

Bev  U

Cath W 


Dan P



Helen W


Janis K 

Jenny S 

Jenny W 

Joan Mck 


Karen R 

Kathy L 

Linda M 

Maree J 

Raeleen W 

Robyn Ba

Robyn Br 

Robyn Br 2

Robyn Wh 2

Robyn Wh

Robyn Wo


Ruth S 

Sue N 

In Memory of LCDR Steven Noakes.

May he rest in peace.

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