Operation Cover Cameron 🙂

Written by AHQ

2 June 2014

As promised here are the details for our next Mystery Quilt!   
This one is for a rather special recipient. 
You probably all know that my policy is that I do not name the recipients at all but this is a special case. 

If you are on Facebook and follow the Aussie Heroes page or the HMAS Darwin page you may have noticed a post from HMAS Darwin about one of their sailors Able Seaman Combat System Operator Cameron Green.  Cameron was sent home early due to a hip complaint.  He has since been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and will need to undergo chemotherapy.   As if that is not enough, he fractured his femur whilst in hospital and has to undergo surgery for that too. 

In Darwin’s post about Cameron they wrote
“Being a keen Arsenal supporter he has always voiced his support for the Gunners throughout the deployment. He reports that while watching the recent FA Cup final in hospital he was repeatedly in trouble with the ward nurses, as his constant cries had them believing he was in some sort of pain. As the game was televised early in the morning in Australia, he was not very popular on the ward.”

So, no prizes for guessing that we are going to make Cameron a quilt.  I have actually had a number of volunteers to make the whole quilt, plus requests for a mystery quilt for Cameron.  I have decided to make it a Mystery quilt to give more people a chance to get involved.     We are going to use the 14″star pattern on the blog.  (You can find the tutorial here)   

The colours are to be red and white.  Please no other colours.  The background and centre of the star is to be red, the points are to be plain white or white on white.   If you have fabric that has a nautical flavour, perhaps like this one where the anchors are about the size of a 5c piece then please feel free to use it but only RED AND WHITE please.

You need to register with me to make a block.  At the moment I am limiting involvement to one block per person to enable more people to be involved, but in case we need a couple of extras, please indicate if you are happy to make more. 
Debbie has kindly volunteered to assemble the blocks so all blocks are to be sent direct to her.  I will send you her address when you register to make a block.
I would like to get this underway as soon as possible so all blocks need to be in the mail no later than Tuesday the 10th of June.  That gives you the long weekend to sew yours.  If you need more time message me and I will see what we can do.
Once you have made your block please send it to Debbie and please send me a photo of it if you can.  Also if you wish to send Cameron a card then send it along with your block to Debbie.  I plan to share photos of the blocks on the blog but there are a few details to do with the quilt that will remain unpublished until the quilt has been given to Cameron.
So, don’t forget
All blocks are to be red with plain white, or white on white, points.

Please send your blocks to Debbie and please send a photo to me.

Please register to make a block

Please have all blocks in the mail no later than Tuesday 10 June.

Of course it goes without saying that all of us at Aussie Hero Quilts wish Cameron the very best for his recovery and treatment.   

Stay tuned for the Block of the Month Post tonight at the usual time.

Till then………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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