June BOM – The Disappearing 4 Patch

Written by AHQ

2 June 2014

Hi Everyone, this month’s BOM is the Disappearing Four Patch.
A great block for the beginner, really easy and looks very effective don’t you think?
So there are a few rules for the ones we are going to make. NO OBVIOUS FLORALS, NO PINKS OR PURPLES, NO GIRLY FABRIC.  Sorry to be so harsh but we have plenty of quilts for girls on hand and we really need to have blocks to make more blokey quilts.  For each block you will need two separate colours and also a cream, beige, taupe or light tan (what ever you have that is closest to my finished block is fine).
The reason we ask for everyone to use the same secondary colour is so that they will all blend together when we make up some quilt tops.
Ok so here we go.
1) You will need 4 x 7 & 1/2″ squares of fabric.
2  should be the lighter cream, beige, taupe or light tan (what ever you have that is closest to my finished block)
the other 2 should be 1 each of 2 different colours.

2) Arrange you blocks as I have shown below.

3) Sew each pair together using a 1/4″ seam, remembering to press one seam to the left and one to the right so that they nest together.
4) Sew the 2 pairs together nesting the seams in the centre.  Press final seam, then your block should look as mine does below.  It should measure 14 & 1/2 ” at this point

5) Now take your Rotary Cutter and slice your block as I have shown below.  Each cut is 5 & 1/2 ” from each side.   So in the end you should end up your block cut and looking like this.
Each square is 5 & 1/2″
The striped rectangles should be 3 & 1/2″ by 5 1/2″
the centre square should be 3 & 1/2″
Don’t be terribly concerned if the measurements are slightly out, as we can trim them.

6) Re-arrange the cut pieces so that they look like my picture below.  So what you do it move the striped rectangles to be in the opposite position they were in originally.  Rotate the centre square.

7) Sew each of your new rows together.
8) Remembering to press your seams to the left for the first row, to the right for the second row, and again to the left for the bottom row, so that they will nest nicely when you are ready to sew your rows together.  DON’T repress your original seams, these need to stay as they were so that they will next.  See below.

9)  Sew your rows together and press your seams.  You will end up with this awesome block, which should measure close to 13 & 1/2″

Here is a photo I found showing how they will look when we put them together.
So I hope you have fun with this one and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.
Please send your finished blocks to me at:
Caroline Gunn
PO BOX 3079
Happy Stitching

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