May BOM – Selvedge Strippy Block

Written by AHQ

1 May 2014

Hi Everyone

So here we are, hope everyone is ready to sew up a May BOM or two??. If you need some selvedges sent to you can have a go, email Jan-Maree and we’ll get some sent to you.

I am going to be happy if we all get one of these done.  One or Two quilt tops would still be fun.

This is what my block looks like all finished.

And this is what the blocks can look like once they are all sewed together.

So first up you will need a pile of selvedges… what ever width is OK, we can work with them all… Some of mine had very little writing… Some of them are just plain….. Some have lots of the fabric showing…. Some have not much or nothing. 

If you look at a selvedge you have the edge side (which will not fray) and the cut side (which will fray).  We will be using this to our advantage.

Grab yourself a sheet of A4 paper or thinner paper what ever you have.  Cut an 8 & 1/4 ” square… If you are using an A4 sheet it is just one cut.

You will need to shorten the stitch length on your sewing machine so it will be easier to tear the paper after the block is sewn (mine works about 1.4, but you should test your own machine… don’t make it too small otherwise it will take you forever to sew the block)

Working from one corner and using your ruler… line up the 45 degree line to create a triangle in the corner

Find a piece of selvedge that is going to work in the corner… it needs to cover the corner…. line this up and draw a pencil line.  (This line is going to help you sew your first seam with no pins)

Cut the selvedge slightly bigger then take to your machine and line up the cut edge with the pencil line.  Take the paper and your first selvedge to your machine.  Sew close to this line… approx. 1/8″ to 1/4″

Lay your next selvedge on top of your first covering the cut & sewn edge with the selvedge edge (non fraying edge – see pic).   Sew approx. 1/8″ to 1/4″ from this edge.

Keep adding selvedges one at time at first till you are comfortable to do a few at a time.  You must make sure you are sewing through the 2 layers of selvedge and that there is enough behind where you are sewing to make a seam.  My selvedges varied in size so sometimes I could show the colour of the fabric, and other times only a tiny bit showed though …

Really have a look at the words that are on your selvedges… you can find some cute sayings and cute pictures if you have a good look.  Don’t be afraid to use just the plain side to add a bit of contrast.

Use a few pins as you go to hold your selvedges down… I didn’t sew anymore than 3 at a time.  Give it a press as you go along to keep it flat, make sure it is a dry iron because sometimes the steam messes with the paper.

Don’t worry if your sewing lines aren’t perfectly straight it will add a little organic touch.

Keep going till you have filled the paper to the other side. Your block should look like this

Give it a good press (dry iron).  Then turn it over and your block should look like this

You now need to trim your block back to the paper.  Best to cut a fraction outside the paper so you don’t dull your rotary cutter blade.

Now you flip your block and check out your masterpiece

It’s time take the paper off the back now.  Flip your block back over and gently rip the paper off the back.

Turn back over and viola…. Its done…

Hope that wasn’t too torturous and I have explained it enough to get you through.

So when your done post your completed to me.  Caroline Gunn PO Box 3079, ST MARYS SOUTH  NSW  2760.

Happy Stitching…. and please let me know what you think.


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  1. TwynMawrMom

    oh my goodness this is just amazing!! Who would have thought to use the selvedges?? Well a scrappy quilter, of course! as if it is not hard enough to NOT throw away every scrap….now I'm going to have a hard time throwing away the selvedges too. LOL! Great job.


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