Happy Mail Wednesday 30th April

Written by AHQ

30 April 2014

Hi all, Caroline here, lots of happy mail to share with you today.  First we have some great things
from Jan-Maree’s post office box.

This first group of beauties are from Bev 

Next up are some great quilt tops from Kitty

Some fantastic blue and red blocks from Kym
Great Stars from Pat A
More stars from Pennie T
Tania De M has posted in these next ones.  Excellent

Now for the happy mail from my mail box.
Alicia N has sent in these great 4 April BOM’s
These next lovely BOM’s arrived with no address, so please let us know if this was you.  They are fantastic.
These are just a few of the 29 pretty purple and white blocks that Pat A has sent in.

I’m loving the colours that have been used in these great BOM’s from S Nagel.
That’s all for now. Keep up the great work guys, these are going to make up into some lovely quilt tops.  I want to say a big thank you to everyone that put up their hand to put together the BOM packs from my last post.  All of the BOM packs have been sent out, and I have seen a few photo’s of them made up.  Stay tuned for a future post on more BOM packs from the new blocks that have been sent in.
So are we all ready for tomorrow’s new BOM??  I’m not…. better go and sew.
Happy Stitching

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