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6 August 2013

Greetings all. 

I received an email from the Chaplain on HMAS Newcastle today in response to a message from me letting him know that the last quilt had been posted yesterday and this is what he said in part

Well CONGRATULATION to you and your crew on a job well done.  I hear whispers that we should get more mail soon so that means more quilts which is exciting for everyone who is waiting.” 

So BZ everyone!  (that means well done in Navy speak!)

 I have lots of lovely thank you messages but no pictures so……

I know some of you readers do not “do” Facebook so I thought I would share some 2CAV (the unit that effectively took over from 7RAR) pictures with you.   All of the pics come from the Combined Tean Uruzgan Facebook page. The picture show members providing security during a Provincial Reconstruction Team-Uruzgan task in Tarin Kot.  

Hope you enjoy the pisc and remember, some of them might be on our list…….

From facebook and for a quilt made by Jacqui

I’d just like to say a massive thank you, it means a lot that you take the time to make something for those serving overseas! Thank you and the quilt is amazing 


Good morning,

I recently received a beautiful quilt from Sandra P. I asked for a girly coloured quilt and I received a beautiful pink and purple quilt. I would just like to say a big big thank you! It was absolutely amazing to receive this in the mail and I will treasure it forever!

I was wondering if I could please have Sandra’s address so I can write a thank you letter to her personally.

Thank you very much for all your beautiful gifts they mean so much to everyone over here.


Good afternoon Joan and Robin, I have just received my laundry bag in the mail. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this, it is now going to be a permanent part of my kit and will be used constantly. Thank you again.


Hey Jan-Maree,
I have just completed an 8 month tour of Afghanistan and was lucky enough to receive one of your wonderful quilts, I would just like to say thank you for your time and consideration in making the quilt. I used it quite regularly  as it was winter and got rather cold from time to time. I’d like to wish you and your team of master quilters all the best and once again thank you for your time and effort in supporting the troops overseas.

Hello Diana,

Thank you so much for the quilt and coffee, I haven’t been able to get the smile off my face all day.  I leave Afgan in December and hopefully will make it home for Christmas. I miss Australia as it is without a doubt the most amazing country in the world. I don’t drink coffee but there are another 18 blokes in this organisation that think that Christmas has come early.
Thank you again for your support and well wishes you are truly a great australian and it means the world to us as soldiers that you took the time and effort to send such a magnificent quilt.  
Again it’s people like you that make me proud to be Australian. 
Thank you and all the best with your travel it sounds like your living life to the fullest 🙂


This thank you is for a laundry bag that was a joint effort between Joan and I.  The comment about the RAAFie and the Air Traffic Controller is a reference to my past career in the air force.

Dear Jan-Maree and Joan,

It has taken me a while to respond but I received the laundry bag.  I just wanted to so say thankyou very much it is fantastic.  The cowboy print is great, and yes I’m a huge NQ Cowboys fan, being a Townsville born and bred lad.  

It is also great to hear from another RAAFie, and I’m actually looking at potentially re-mustering to air traffic controller at the moment.

Thank you for all the work you do to support everyone that is deployed, its the little homely touches like the laundry bags that make things a little easier.

Best wishes, 


For one of Nancy quilts

Gday Jan-Maree,

I have received today a lovely quilt and will be using it in the winter months to come (I know I will definitely need it !). Thankyou so much and to the people who put in their valuable time to make these quilts and laundry bags for us whilst being deployed. It brightened up my day.

Again thank you very much.

Kind regards


Dear Sue,

Just a quick note to say a big thanks for all your support, time and care you take in making your beautiful bags.
It is fantastic to know we have Australians like you back home thinking of us. Your generosity will never be forgotten
Kind regards


Dear Sue, 

How are you? Thank you for the laundry bags that you take the time to make and send over. They are very cheerful and useful. We have a contracted laundry service here so I use the bags every 2 days through rotation. I’m enjoying my time here. Making new friends and doing a worthwhile job. (learning a lot). The weather is hot and dry. The food is plentiful and varied. I hope all is well. Thanks again.
Kind regards


Hi Julie-Ann,

Thank you so much for the laundry bag. Love it. It’s quite funny that you sent me a laundry bag with thongs on it, I’ve got a bit of a fetish at the moment with thongs. I’ve been collecting a few fridge magnets that are thongs from the places I’ve been too.
I really appreciate you taking the time to make me a laundry bag it means a lot as did your kind words. It was the first parcel I’ve received while I’ve been away so it was very exciting. Loved the treats, I think they were gone within a day.
The deployment is going well. We are at the half way mark and have been kept busy over the last couple of months. The weather has been extremely hot, my family live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and they have told me how cold it’s been. I guess not as cold as South Australia though. This is my fourth winter away so I’ve acclimatized a bit with the heat so it doesn’t worry me too much. I’m not looking forward to next winter as I’m sure I’ll feel the cold.
Well I best go.
 A big thank you again.

Take care


Dear Joan and Robin,
                        I received your striped laundry bag yesterday, thank you very much, it was greatly appreciated and yes it has definitely brightened up an otherwise very bland room.  This makes me a very proud Australian Soldier to receive items like this from fair dinkum Aussies like yourselves back home.

Your work that you and other Aussies do for the soldiers over here with the laundry bags and Quilts is greatly appreciated by many other soldiers and myself.

Once again thank you for the laundry bag and the great work that you ladies do to make our lives over here that little bit better.

Yours Sincerely 

Till next time…………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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