A Special Quilt for a Special Lady by Caroline

Written by AHQ

2 May 2013

Quite early on in 2012 an idea was hatched to make a quilt for the lovely Jan-Maree from the friends of Aussie Hero’s by Naomi (Tech Guru)
Now this was to be a very secret project and we didn’t want JM to have any clue that this gift was being made so it was hard to contact people, and get details from JM (who has all the email lists), without her catching on.
Initially we had the list of names and email addresses of those who were on the list of special requests, so this is what we had to work with.  We want everyone to know that even though we could only contact the ones on the list it was definately going to be a gift from all Aussie Hero friends, whether you got to make a block or not.  Also because it was started so early on in the piece lots of people whe are Aussie Hero Friends now… were not at the time.
So we all were asked to send in a star block and sign it to be put together at a later date.
It just so turned out that it was quite a later date LOL….
In the end the lovely Liz put all the blocks together so we could complete the project and show JM how much we all appreciated her too.
Here are most of the blocks and the words and who made them.. as you look at each block you can admire the lovely job Carolynne Diesler did the quilting it for us.
“Cos your our Aussie Hero too” Cheers Wendy
Aussie Hero friends from all over Australia greatly appreciate your co-ordinating skills
Kathy, Burnie Tasmainia
With love Susan Smith Mount Gambier SA

Hello from Kirsty Welling Brisbane QLD  Such a wonderful thing that you do

Marilyn Duncan Narangbo QLD
A small step can be the beginning of a great journey
This stands for “The Lovely Warrant Officer” and he actually sewed the block together personally and embroidered the letters.

This block was made by the Lovely Warrant officer’s wife, because of their protected identities these are unsigned.
With love from Caroline (Caz) Deputy Nut
Best Wishes Jacqui Piper Townsville QLD
You are my Aussie Hero thank you for doing a great job Sue Niven
To Jan Maree, the original Aussie Hero Made with love by Sharina Bonham
Maria Wilson, Dongara WA

for our Guiding Star Jan Maree best wishes from Tracey – Mistea
Teresa Foulks U.S.A
(MMM any guesses LOL)
Liz WA
Quilted for Aussie Hero Supermum Jan Maree by Carolynne Diesler
Honey Do Quilting Cranebrook NSW

(Some lovely embroidery done here)
Jan Maree Aussie Hero No 1  Marg Waters  WA
JM your great Aussie Spirit is an inspiration Pauline, Adelaide
From little things big things grow
With warmest hugs and heartfelt love Leonie Norris Townsville QLD
Hi Jan Maree Thanks for all that you do from Fran Tilden Wodonga VIC
Dear Jan Maree Wishing you all the very best made by the Postmistress on behalf of every AHQ recipient    Chelle

To the Bogan Matriarch! Thank you for all you do, Not only for the Aussie Heores, but for all the friends of AHQ  Much love and hugs Naomi aka Tech Guru     Berri SA Australia

For Jan Maree Stitched with love by Stephanie Driel
Tarnyia Scott Mt Magnet WA Thanks Jan Maree for Aussie Heros and for letting us all be a part of the journey

Michele Shay Geelong Victoria
Julie Ann Searle Adelaide Thanks to our own Aussie Hero for all of your tireless effort
Made by Christine Cohrs Brisbane QLD for Jan Maree
So that is each block that was contributed….. these were sewn together by the lovely Liz in WA and this is what the finished product looks like
After the top was put together Liz posted it to me and I then found the perfect backing fabric cherries… but it was white … so I had to tea dye it….. A first for me and it turned out great.
I then handed it over to the lovely Carolynne Diesler to quilt for us.  We chose a lovely daisy pattern that looked a little like cherries.
Then it was back to me for binding (provided also by the lovely Liz)
This shot shows the backing and some more of the lovely quilting.
Here’s me getting a litlle help with the binding “thanks Hunni”
Once the binding was completed it was time for me to sew on the label which says
Made for the founder
Jan-Maree Ball
By the friends of Aussie Heros
in grattitude for your service to
our Defence force personnel serving overseas
Presented Anzac Day 25/4/2013
 So on Anzac Day I headed over to JM’s house for the big surprise…
She had no clue that I was coming… I knew she would be home watching the March… so when I rang the doorbell and David came to the door, she looked at me and said “What are you doing here??”
“Well if you let me in and sit down I have a lovely surprise present for you”
I got the present out of my hiding spot and she said “You’re going to make my cry” I said “Don’t start cause you will make me cry too and all the photo’s will be blurry”
So here is a shots of JM with her present and her tears
And here is a shot of JM and David admiring the quilt all spread out.

Now I know that there are alot of you out there that missed out on being involved, Jan Maree and I have had a chat about how we can rectify this.  Anyone who visits JM’s house (including any of our recipients) are welcome to sign on the quilt as there is alot of space for extra signatures.
Alternatively you could send a signed patch (no bigger than 4″ square) in cream or white, to Jan Maree and we will hand sew them onto the back of the quilt.
I hope you all enjoyed looking at this lovely quilt and I know that she loved loved loved it.  It was wonderful to be able to show Jan Maree how much she means to all of us Aussie Hero friends too!!
Hi everyone, Naomi aka Tech Guru here, thank you all for the blocks towards JM’s quilt, a special thanks to Liz for saving my bacon and putting the blocks together….the more time went on, and I got to know JM so much better, I felt sure I would stuff up the piecing….so stuck my head in the sand and hadn’t done it when Liz contacted me and asked what was happening, and a wonderful offer to help out by putting them together for me, so JM could get her surprise.
The rest you know, but please know, if I could’ve got blocks from everyone, I would’ve, but back when I got the notion of doing this for JM, alot of you weren’t friends of AHQ yet.  But please do take the Matriarch and Deputy Nuts offer of sending a patch to be sewn on the back.
A huge thank you to Caroline for being my delivery girl….without you, we wouldn’t have had pics of it being delivered, nor the teary reception it got from JM.
And to the lovely JM (I feel like I’m writing an Oscar acceptance speech), quite simply, thank you for being you, and for all that you do for both the Defence force personnel and all us Friends of AHQ.
Love and hugs….Tech Guru and Secret Squirrel extraordinaire!  
Caroline back again.
Jan-Maree tells me that the following are on her list as having popped parcels in the mail this week.  If you have sent something off and are not on the list please let Jan-Maree know as soon as possible.  
keryn M
Leanne M

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

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  1. Ellen

    Jan-Maree – what a lovely and well deserved tribute to you.

  2. Janine C

    Well done to all who made the quilt and God bless you. Sometimes people who are very giving and used to looking after others find it difficult to receive thanks or acknowledgements and Jan-Maree is a full time giving person. So good to see her receiving something so thoughtful and lovely even if there were a few tears – there must have been sand on that quilt.

  3. Jeann of Melton

    What a lovely idea to make and present this quilt to Jan-Maree and it looks great.
    I must send a patch


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