Weekly Dispatches 3 May

Written by AHQ

3 May 2013

She thought she had managed to sneak in a birthday without me noticing!!!  But no such luck, today, while I sat in my doctor’s waiting room, waiting my turn to have a flu needle, I had time to scroll through some of the many blogs I rarely get time to read these days!  And so she is busted!

Happy Birthday Sue N  from all of your Aussie Hero Friends and especially from the probably hundreds of Heroes who have received your laundry bags!

The tally so far-

19  quilts this week and 36 laundry bags.

412 quilts and 905 laundry bags for 2013

1429 quilts and 2279 laundry bags in total.

Now before I forget – there will be a special post tomorrow 

night to announce first, second and third place in our ANZAC 

Day Laundry Bag Challenge.

Just  a quick one.  For the BOM for this month we have asked for the blocks to be predominantly red, white and blue.  If you have trouble as you don’t have a feature fabric in those colours for the centre then feel free to use a plain white square.  If you are feeling confident with applique you can add a star or a heart, or even a small roo.  If you don’t feel happy about applique, leave it blank and maybe someone else will applique something or they can just be left blank as a place for the eye to rest in the quilt.

One final announcement before the Weekly Dispatches proceed.  The next two sewing days will be as follows

at my home on Monday the 13th of May 10am till 3pm (ish)

and at Penrith Patchwork on Sunday the 19th of May 10am to 2pm.

Bring your sewing machine, your lunch and I will provide your lunch.

I probably don’t mention this enough but Jeff, the owner of Penrith Patchwork, is a great supporter, donating a sewing room each month free of charge and whole bolts of material from time to time as well.  How awesome is that!

If you are interested in coming to one or both days can you please let me know so that I know how much preparation to do.

And now on with the show!

Anne sent this quilt off.  Love those autumnal colours.  What a great way to use up scraps.  And a great way to get a lot of different feels.  Make it in lots of blues with a few water creatures mixed in and you have an underwater quilt. Make it from lots of greens and some slivers of golden sunshine and you have a forrest quilt or maybe a tropical rainforest quilt.  Make it out of just two colours and it could be a footy fan’s favourite accessory!  Love it!

Bev’s awesome QLD laundry bag has gone off to a soon to be happy Banana Bender.

Carolyn brought this to show me at the Penrith Sewing Day and she assures me that the pins were removed after quilting and prior to posting!  LOL

September BOM Quilt.   These were all the leftover blocks, some from Kylie, and Maria and Sue N for starters.  All so different and appearing mis-matched and I was stumped and could not see them together but Gail took them away and worked her magic and then brought this gorgeous jewelled quilt back to me.

Claire’s husband was kind enough to let her use this fabric that she had been saving to make a quilt for him.  He rather likes the quilt now so I suspect she will be making a similar one soon.

Debra where did you get this fabric!!!  I love it!
What an awesome quilt for a RAAFie chappie!

Evelyn has been busy with two cool quilts.

Gail started this quilt with a few of the Disappearing 9 Patch blocks from our BOMs.  

Jacqui, again, where did YOU find this fabric. Love that panel!!! 


KarenBet, is sending off her third quilt and I am not sure if I told you before but Karen found out about us when her own husband, currently deployed, was offered a quilt, so she has joined us to repay the favour.


This is a really great week to emphasise the value of those panels or scenery prints.  I just know the fellow who gets this quilt from Leanne M will love this.

Another quilt by Leanne and another cool panel.  Seriously I am really having panel envy!

Last weekend Leanne emailed me and said she had cut out another Eagles quilt – did I have anyone on the list who wanted one or should she use the strips for something else?  I suggested that she go ahead and sew it up as it would not be long before we had another Eagles request (well after all they are a great team from a great State!!!!!  No bias here!).  Sure as eggs, overnight on Saturday I received a very special request with a significant need for urgency.  A quick email to Leanne on Sunday morning and the quilt was pieced and quilted and in the mail by Wednesday!  Way to go Leanne!




Another busy week behind and no doubt another busy one ahead. 
Don’t forget tomorrow’s special post.

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Outback Crafter - Debra

    Wow Jan-Maree the dispatches this week are awesome. The airplane fabric came from spotlight at some time. I have always just collected 'boy' fabrics as I have 2 boys of my own.

  2. Janine C

    Isn't it incredible that with what is now thousands of laundry bags and quilts every week there are more and more and they are all different. Go girls.

  3. Sue Niven

    Another great post, and thank you for the birthday wishes, AWESOME!

  4. Jeann of Melton

    Another impressive array of quilts and bags.
    Big pat on the back to all.


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