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19 November 2017

On Sunday last week Aussie Heroes attended the Inaugural Northern Beaches Veterans and Community Day at Avalon Beach.  There were loads of wonderful people and organisations there. One of them was Wild Timor Coffee.

Wild Timor Coffee is a wholesale coffee bean business that provides both organic green and roasted beans to the public from the wild mountain regions of Timor Leste.

I asked them to tell me a bit about themselves…


“The company was started by 4 grunts while on deployment to Timor-Leste in 2012 with TLTG4. One of the jobs we rotated through was security at a re-trans post to the south of Dili in a district called Aileu (By 2012 the place was relatively stable so it gave us the opportunity to hang out with the locals). It was at this spot we met Jack and his family, Jack was a local kid (he a man with a family now!) who acted as a “fixer” of sorts, he would supply the troops with food and any other ‘treasure’ one could ask for, after developing a mateship with Jack, and visiting his family, we saw what looked like peanuts drying on the ground, turns out it was coffee in its parchment form (before it goes through a few more stages of processing), we then learned that the guys were getting a pretty raw deal from the middle men from the money side of things but also from the training side. we established the “business” as a way to help out our Timorese mates, and start to do our bit to pay back that “Debt of Honour” that dates back to WWII. We do this by paying a higher price and ensuring the quality is maintained. (with the theory being, if we go out of business, the crew in TL need to be able to know WHY their coffee is so good, ie, the moisture content is correct, its been harvested and processed using international standards and best practice etc etc) 
For us its more than a business, its a sustainable way that we can return to one of our closest neighbours and make a difference that we couldn’t really do on our deployment, the fact that we can run it as a social enterprise so that we can take a wage makes it even better.

Ideally we need to find cafes to use our coffee, so to showcase that we have set-up two of our own in Melbourne, just to show that we know how hard it is, and the daily trials and tribulations.


You can find their website (to order coffee) here

Their Facebook page is here 

And their cafe in Melbourne is located at 282 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058

They have even set up a special discount if you want to order some of their coffee with a code of AVALON10 for a 10% discount on your orders. 

Not only are they running a great sustainable business, they have not forgotten their ties to the military and send off care packages to the troops. In fact, the guys in Avalon packaged up 20 x 200g packs of ground coffee for me to send off with our quilts and laundry bags.  
I have had their coffee sitting in my office all week and although I don’t like coffee, this stuff smells divine!   

If you are a coffee drinker, why not check them out. And if you are in Melbourne, go and give their cafe a try.

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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