When disaster strikes home.

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15 June 2016

For those who don’t read Facebook, you may be wondering what’s happened and why there’s been no posts happening on here…..well, sadly, in the early hours of Sunday morning, Jan-Marree’s house caught fire, and is no more.  Thankfully, all 4 humans, and the dogs were lucky enough to make it out almost totally unscathed….smoke inhalation but thankfully, all alive.

The house and contents though are a different story.  This first pic shows what used to be AHQ headquarters….yes, JM’s sewing area and AHQ office

So much loss and destruction and as anyone who knows JM, would know how traumatic this loss would be for her….Aussie Heroes is very dear to her heart, and as such, whilst there was no living loss in the fire, the loss of quilts, quilt tops, subsequent fabric, laundry bags, batting, sewing machines, associated tools (scissors, cutters, rulers etc) and all her memorabilia is evident in the photos. (By the way, JM gave me permission to re-post these photos as they were shared on Facebook already)

A roll of batting, very much worse for wear now.  For those who don’t know, this is what is between the outer layers of fabric on quilts, that make them warm and cozy…it’s not meant to have crunchy black patches on it.

The following is JM’s paragraph about it from FB “So so grateful this stained glass window survived. I paid for it money from my mum’s estate. It is comprised of some of my favourite quilt designs, houses, trees and stars. Some of the glass came out on ships from the first fleet. It will shine again in our new house to welcome all of you wonderful people when we rebuild.”

Now, I’m going to be handing over to Clarissa and she is going to be helping out around here whilst JM gets back on track and tries to get her life back into a vague semblance of normality again.  JM is trying to keep up with messages and emails etc, but if you don’t get an immediate response, the above is the reason why.  I know I’m not alone with feeling devastated on the family’s behalf, and those who pray…please include them in your prayes, and for those who don’t, send positive vibes, as I’m sure they won’t go astray either.

Thanks and it’s over to you Clarissa.  Hugs Naomi

Hi all,
It’s all happening in Sydney. With Jan-Maree and her family recovering from the horrific house fire we are pulling together to keep our busy schedule of events running smoothly and it’s AHQ business as usual. For sure the Aussie Heroes Quilt spirit is alive and in people’s hearts.

Next week in Sydney we have two display opportunities to which some of you have already committed your kind assistance. Some extra helping hands would be hugely appreciated as follows (virtual bouquets, stashes of fabric and foot massages to all who can help!!!) :-

1.     Monday 20 June 9.30 am One or two to assist setting up a 10 quilt display at Government House, Sydney – car-parking available. There are already three of us setting up but many hands make light work….
2.     Friday 1 July 10am – 3.30 pm– Government House – manning display and need to be able to answer questions about what we do, who we send to and how we operate.
3.     Sunday 3 July  10am – 3.30 pm – Government House – manning display and need to be able to answer questions about what we do, who we send to and how we operate.
4.     Sunday 3 July  3.30 pm – Government House – Dismantling the display, packing away and delivering quilt stands and quilts etc to the West Pennant Hills area or nearby
 5.     Tuesday 21 June  – time tba  – Assisting Gail with the set-up of the Quilt Show display at Glebe Island
6.     22- 26 June Quilt Show  9am – 4.30 pm – manning display and need to be able to answer questions about what we do, who we send to and how we operate. You don’t have to do full days, half days or middle of the day (to accommodate school drop of and pick-ups are fine). The roster is semi-complete …needing Helping Hands on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday   
7.     26 June – dismantling the Quilt Show display and delivery of quilts etc back to West Pennant Hills area or nearby.

If you are willing and able to assist with any of the above, please email me clarissaluxford@gmail.com to confirm. Thank you!!

I do not have all the Quilt Show access information to hand yet but will update ASAP on receipt.

Finally, the next Penrith Sewing Day on 18 June will not go ahead but watch this space for the next day at Penrith.

Actually, last but not least, a huge round of thanks goes to all the Aussie Heroes Quilt family for their support at this time – you are all amazing.

On behalf of JM

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  1. Susan

    Oh – how devastating for Jan Maree and her family. Sending very positive thoughts your way. Totally shocked.
    no need to reply…you have plenty to do – so glad everyone is OK.

  2. Jo

    All are wishes and thoughts are going out to JM and family. It is such a sad time.

  3. Sue Niven

    Much love to JM and her family at this time, Thank you Naomi and Clarissa for this update. I will continue to make quilts and laundry bags to be personalised later so things can be ready to go when you are.


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