Weekly Dispatches 31 May 2013

Written by AHQ

31 May 2013

Happy Dance – 
we have passed 2500 laundry bags!

The tally so far-
39 quilts this week and 59 laundry bags.
537 quilts and 1141 laundry bags for 2013

1554 quilts and 2515 laundry bags in total.

This is going to be an almost wordless post tonight as I am planning on a super productive day.  My hotwater system has sprung a leak over night (Big sad face – I don’t do cold showers!!!) so I had to postpone my visit to a Sewing Group till next week and plan on being as productive at home as possible.  Enjoy!  Lots of awesome quilts and laundry bags!


and my favourite photo of this quilt beautifully modeled by Amy

Carol Mac, Annette S and Lynn VR

OKAY short story about this one – Received a request from a vvery thoughtful serving member who spent her deployment passing me names of people she thought would really appreciate a little quilty love.  This was one of her parting gestures before she returned home.  The recipient of this quilt has LOTS of nicknames so I decided it was a good candidate for a joint effort.  I emailled those that had had fun making out BOM blocks of appliqued words and asked if they would like to applique a nickname on to a strip and send it to me.  A simple strippy quilt but what fun.  Once all the strips were in I embellished a tad with the flowers, grasshopper and blue Pup and then sewed them all together with the two black novelty prints top and bottom donated by Stephanie D.  Carol then took charge and quilted it and it was sent off.  You will see the thank you message on Sunday and a picture of it on the bed.  Yes, it went down well.   So a big thank you to all the ladies that contributed: Julie Ann, Janine, Judy C, Rita M, Stephanie D, Jeann and Carol.

Carol and Kirsten

Bev and Geoff

Christine C (WA)




Jill M


When I shared the pic of the lovely Aussie Hero who came to collect it Janine asked how I did the Rising Sun – so hear you are Janine – a close up.  I appliqued the gold onto the brown and then left a plain space on the quilt so that I could applique it down after Carol had quilted it.  I stitched the brown edge down and then stitched around the crown so that even though the stitching comes through to the back it mirrors the rising sun.  The writing is done with a loose satin stitch.

Also by me for someone who likes triathlons AND baking!


Judith M

Judith R

Judy D

 Now I thought this Ford fabric was particularly cool and I have not seen it around anywhere so I asked Judy where she got it assuming it must be old.. but no!  It is current and Judy stocks it in her shop.  Unfortunately Judy does not have an online fabric store but if you wanted you can email her ba********************@ho*****.com  and please note, if you are buying for Aussie Heroes she will discount $2 off per metre.





Leanne Mac for a Demons FC fan!

Lynne McK




Pam Y

Pilgrim Patchworkers

There is actually a nautical print in those seemingly white squares.

Rita C

Sandra P

Stephanie D


Sue F made the following quilts and Jo quilted them – two proud defence force mums.

A close up of the embroidered blocks!  These were made by Glenda and passed to Sue so that she could turn them into a quilt.   What you need to know is that Glenda suffers from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and is usually confined to a wheel chair.  On a good day she gets around with two canes. Making these blocks is her way of contributing to AHQ and think that is just wonderful!  The young lady who receives this quilt is going to love it!
Thanks Glenda, Sue and Jo.

Susan P – her first AHQ

The first of June is Sunday night but I am planning to do the normal Sunday night sharing post that night and then on the Monday night we will have the BOM for June.  I hope you will like it – very relaxed and stress free – and a great scrap buster.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    What a fantastic achievement! Love all those delicious quilts and laundry bags, and from Glenda the blocks are fab, from you Love the Rising Sun and the blue purple from Kim and the fab bags from Stephanie D

  2. Jeann of Melton

    What a creative bunch of quilters/sewers!
    I am always inspired when I see the photos so…back to the machine for me!


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