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30 May 2013

MAY 2012 reported a rough total of 200 quilts for the year and Facebook followers went over 150.  I’ve now caught up with myself as this was when I began reading the blog – Janine C.

EGYPT: May 2012 saw the first quilts off to Egypt, and the first thank yous from that area.

To Nadene, Thank you very much for the quilt. it got here the other day and it is beautiful. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved.  It is a great pleasure to receive such a thoughtful gift from home. This was the first care package that I have received that was addressed to me personally by name after three deployments. Different from the ones that I have received from the RSL addressed to “a member that is serving” and now holds a lot of sentimental value.

REVISITING LAUNDRY BAGS: We started making laundry bags because we heard that our defence force members were issued with plain  white, blue or green laundry bags and the only way to tell one from another was by hand written initials usually in black marker pen.  Apparently bags, and their contents, go missing all the time as people pick up the wrong bag in error.  The plan was to make them individual, colourful and easy to identify.

May 2012 – Laundry Bags

The sturdier the fabric and the stitching the longer these bags will last.  Also, and most important, all fabrics – particularly those pesky reds – need to be pre-washed so that our defence force personal are not wearing PINK uniforms!

Laundry Bags by Cathy H

BOM: Blocks for April and May arrived and were arranged, and re-arranged on the ‘wall’.
BOMs to become quilt tops

Pauline sent in these pinwheel block – for Jan-Maree to play with.
Red backing and binding were planned.

BELVEDERE RECEIVED HIS QUILT: ‘I got your package on Tuesday!  It was so awesome!  The quilts and laundry bags are amazing!  The whole company loved Belvedere’s one!  I’ll be sure to send you a big thank you and a photo with Belvedere and his quilt and bag.

A turtle size quilt and laundry bag

PS. He loved his turtle food!  and I can’t express how much I loved the Tim Tams!  Thank you so much for all your hard work.  It is greatly appreciated.  I will keep my quilt forever and it will remind me of my trip and how there are those back home that do really care.’

WWQ:  Work on Wounded Warrior Quilts, to hold in readiness, produced some beautiful quilts and it’s inspiring to look at them again.

WWQ by Linda

WWQ by Liz

WWQ by Liz

SPECIAL QUILTS:   A lovely chocolate-y masculine quilt by Nadene from WA was the 16th AH Quilt (out of a hoped for 25) to go to Egypt.  The pattern is a fabulous way to stretch your stash of expensive Aussie fabrics. The Aussie fabric squares are 5 1/2″ and the sashing strips are 2 1/2″ making the resulting squares  36″. The borders are about 3″.  Of course you could vary the sizes with each quilt depending on what fabrics you have to work with.  Great job Nadene!!!  – from Jan-Maree

A SPECIAL QUILT: Marg made this quilt, and a matching laundry bag, especially for a fellow who would find them particularly meaningful and we heard from the Chaplain that  “he is absolutely stoked with his quilt. Thank you for making his day.”    Here is a photo of the recipient and the Chaplain with the quilt.

(Note from Jan-Maree – the above recipient contacted me months later, after he had returned home, to tell me that as the months were cooling the quilt now covered his daughter’s bed and he had told her the story of Aussie Heroes.) 

Ma’am,   I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the AMAZING quilt (above) you have constructed for me on behalf of ‘HERO QUILTS”. If your mission was to bring a ray of sunshine into what is a very baron, desolate place, your mission has been a resounding success. 

The “covert” mention of my daughter and the mention of my beloved country was a very nice touch. Thanks so much for that. The focal point of the flag is again very fitting. I am not 100% sure if you ladies realise the impact these type of things (quilts) have on the soldiers that are over here. This piece of manchester will be in my family for many, many years to come. Not only will it keep my daughter warm on cold winter nights but I have no doubt whatsoever that it will one day keep my grandchildren in the same manner.

On behalf of my family to yours, may you always be free from harm and the joys of the universe be blessed upon you.  May 2012 be the best year ever.

Please pass on my best wishes to Ms Ball and all the ladies in her “Army”. You all are true “Aussie Heroes”

The “covert mention of his daughter and country” refers to where Christine quilted them into the quilt.  Seriously is this not proof that we have some absolutely special people serving on our behalf overseas!  With gentlemen of this calibre over there no wonder we have such a good reputation around the world for our Defence Forces.  I am just SO GLAD that we are able to give a little back to them and their families.
Well done Christine! – Jan-Maree

PACKING A QUILT: When Sue mentioned she rolled her quilts diagonally to fit them in her boxes Jan-Maree asked her to send her a picture or two and here they are. Have a go and see how it works.


By Gail

Donated blocks put together by Irene

Made by Liz

Made by Liz

Quilt top by Andrea, quilted by Carol

Quilt and laundry bag by Sue P

by Gumnut Quilters with donated blocks
one of many made by Turramurra Quilters

It can be called a bunk, a rack or a cot – this is where the quilts end up

Thanks Janine.  That was a great trip down memory lane for me too!  JMxx

Last thing tonight, here is the list of those that have posted things off this week according to my records as of 1:30pm today.

Bev and Geoff
Christine C WA
Debbie M
Jill M
Judith R
Judy D
Kim Kirsten
Leanne Mc
Lynne McK
Pilgrim Patchworkers
Pam Y
Pauline C
Stephanie D
Sue N
Sue F
Susan P

If you are not on this list and think you should be please let me know.  I will be out most of tomorrow so any photos or confirmation of posting received after tonight will be included in next week’s post.

Til next time ………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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