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Written by AHQ

2 June 2013

It is a cold and wet Sunday in Sydney today – the perfect day for quilting as it happens – and also, I think, the perfect day to sit back and enjoy some of the fruits of our labour.

Dear Kiwi Karen
We loved the girl – theme laundry bags.  A nice change.
Thank you for making our bunks and laundries brighter !
Thanks for all that you do, it really puts smiles on faces.
We appreciate you !
Dear Jan-Maree,
I got the quilt today it is awesome. Thank you so much for all the work you ladies have done. It was great to hear about you and your family. I have two brothers so my mum knows what a household of all boys is like.

I have attached a photo above of the quilt and myself in out block hallway.

Please thank Lynn and Donna for their work, the Herc is great. 

Must go the Plane just got back. 

Love that handle bar mustache  – haven’t see many of them since I left the RAAF.

To My Friends at Aussie Hero Quilts,

Today I received my quilt!!!! I was so excited and it came at the perfect time when I was feeling a little homesick. It is absolutely fabulous and looks amazing on my bed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of such a great group. You really do make a difference to us here deployed overseas.


Good Morning Leanne,
I would like to say a huge thank you for the parcel and making my quilt it is absolutely beautiful, I appreciate the time that you have spent in making it and I will treasure it always.
It arrived last week which was perfect timing as I had been given my own room the day before.  The quilt has brightened up my room and is the first thing I see whenever I open my door.   I have attached a couple of photos.  So very much appreciated.

Good afternoon,
I am writing to sincerely thankyou for the Aussie Hero Quilt and Laundry bag. I have recently returned to TK from a short period of recreation leave, and when I looked on my bunk bed, I saw a package from you guys! I absolutely luv what you ladies have made. I thank you and your volunteers for your time and effort. The gifts you make are wonderful to receive and the thoughtfulness of it is what makes me proud to be an Australian Airman serving overseas. 

Kindest Regards, 

For those that participated in the quilt for Pup.

Being here again I am feeling a bit homesick but having an amazing quilt on my bed makes my room a little more ‘homey’ which is great! thank you sooo much!   Everyone who has seen my quilt thinks its amazing too!! and that’s a lot of people because I put some pics of them on instagram and Facebook. Anyway, attached are some photos. Enjoy!
and thanks again soooo much!

And the following went to Angela who made her laundry bag

When I knew I was getting a quilt I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see it!
I have it now! I love it too. I can’t believe people from everywhere all over Australia contributed towards it! I’ve only ever been in NSW, VIC and QLD so having parts made in other states is wicked!
I love the laundry bag! its great! Hopefully I will remember to attach the photo before I send lol.
Its great getting mail.
Now my room is a little more colourful and ‘homey’. makes it sooo much better! 
Everyone who has seen it has loved it and is like that’s awesome lol.
Well, I’ve remembered to attach the photos!
enjoy  🙂

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Just a quick thank you for all your efforts supporting our troops over here in the middle east. I received an amazing looking laundry bag today from you all and really appreciate the time and effort you have spent in making this for me. The time you have invested in supporting our cause is so proud to see as a defence member. If only some people in our society could show more respect to each other and the good things we strive to achieve despite the media trying to bring us down at times for a minority. I am almost half way through my deployment in AMAB and have been here for 10 weeks. I have until October here and then return home to my girlfriend. I also hope to see my parents and sister on my return. I know they would be really pleased to here people like yourself are giving up there time to show support for us. Well thank you and all the best for the future.


Hi Joan & Robin,
I recently received one of your great laundry bags, I finally feel like an individual in this place of camouflage and sand.  They are great for identifying our personal laundry in the huge pile of maroon bags that are provided. I no longer spend time looking through a mountain of bags to locate my gear so I love the idea.  I thank you for providing a little bit of home while I am here, I will be taking my bag with me when I return to Australia as a memento of my time in the middle east. 

Dear Belinda,

My apologies for not writing to you earlier. Thank you so much for the gift you sent me.
I received the quilt you sent me a couple of weeks ago. I can not explain the uplifting feeling it gave me when received it.
The colours that were used by Ann and yourself were exactly what I needed. I can’t help but smile every time  I walk into my room and see the quilt.
The service all the quilters provide is truely morale boosting. Whenever someone within Medical receives their quilt, everyone has a look at it. Theres always ooohs and aaahs about the colours and designs. It’s a highlight of the mail run. Well I had better go. Thank you again for the beautiful gift. It will brighten up each day when I go back to my room! 

And just before I go a quick reminder that there is a sewing day at my home this coming Tuesday from 10am till 230pm-ish.  BYO lunch and sewing machine.  Email me if you don’t have the address.  fr**********@gm***.com

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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