Weekly Dispatches 20 June

Written by AHQ

20 June 2014

G’day all.

One week today and I will be headed to TOWNSVILLE for a very special weekend!!!

Just quietly, I can’t wait.  

Don’t forget, if you are in Townsville you are invited to join me for a glass of bubbly at Castle Hill for sunset on Friday the 27th.  I know a couple of quilters are coming but any recipients who might like to join us are also welcome.  Also, if you are not sure where to go I can be reached on 0422227019 but I don’t land till around 430ish (from memory!)
If you are on Facebook you will know that my laptop had a temporary failure last night – oh the trauma!!!  But it has come back to life today and is going to be checked out thoroughly by someone far more knowledgeable than me!  (Doesn’t take much really!)  

A relatively quiet week this week but that has to happen occasionally.   There is still lots happening in sewing rooms around the country.

520 quilts and 661 laundry bags for 2014.  

2875 quilts and 4492 laundry bags in total.
Starting off with one of our Block of the Month Quilts.  
This one was completed by Lynn and quilted by Cath M.  
You can’t see it in the photo but it includes fabric that says “you will work hard and like it” and “because I said so, that’s why” and “stand tall, be a man”. I am sending it to a rather unsuspecting Warrant Officer. Seems rather appropriate don’t you think?


Quilt top by Chelly, quilted and bound by Hilary.  

A couple of laundry bags by me.  

Quilt top by me, quilting and binding by Robin A 


Linda F


Peggy (and the cutest ever photo bombers!)

Rita M  (front) 

and back

Robin A (front) 

And back

Robyn B

Sue N (front)

And back

That is all for this week.  

Till next time………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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