Permission to use Army Badges and Operation Cover Cameron Update

Written by AHQ

23 June 2014

G’day all,
Some important business tonight so please make sure you read the following.  

A few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that we are supposed to seek permission to use or reproduce the Rising Sun or any of the Army Badges on our quilts.   I had sought advice re this in the past but obviously had not been given the right information.  

Many people told me not to worry about it – that noone would care what we are doing and that if anyone ever complained it would be a really unflattering PR story if the Army were to take any action.  That is not the way I operate however.  I have worked really hard to establish Aussie Heroes in a Defence Hierarchy friendly manner.  It is important to me that we do things the right way even if sometimes that is not the easy way. As far as I am concerned it is all about respect….respect for what the badges mean, for what we do and above all, respect for those who wear them.
To that end, I wrote to Army Branding as they are called, sent them some samples of what we do and requested permission to continue on as we have been doing.  

I am pleased to say that we have been given permission, with certain limitations and guidelines, to continue to reproduce the badges on our quilts and laundry bags.   

It is important to note that approval is NOT normally given to use the badges in this way but has been granted because of what we do and who we do it for.  

This is the letter I received in response to my request.  

Hi Jan-Maree,
Thank you for your request to use the Rising Sun badge and other Australian Army emblems on quilts and laundry bags. As the quilts and laundry bags are made free of charge as gifts for serving members of the Australian Army the request is approved.
You are authorised to display the seventh and current pattern of the Rising Sun Badge, or current Corps or Unit badge, in its entirety and original form.
I have attached some artwork files that may assist you in increasing the accuracy of the designs. You can also refer to the Army website: and
In accordance with the Defence Act 1903 and the Trade Marks Act 1995, the Australian Army owns the copyright of the Australian Army emblems. The images are not to be renamed, cropped, manipulated or edited in any way, or used in part.
Aussie Hero Quilts are not authorised to assign or attempt to assign any right to a third party on the basis of this approval.

In order for us to keep accurate records of the use of the emblems, we request that you provide us with an email once a month that lists the quilts/laundry bags made using the emblems. We do not require a retrospective list.

So yes, we have approval to use the badges but as I said there are some restrictions. 

We must use the 7th and current pattern of the Rising Sun.  Unfortunately as you can see from the pictures above this is a very detailed and fiddly pattern however I like a challenge.  I am going to convert this to an applique pattern (in the next few weeks) and will stitch up a sample which I will send to the Army Brand Manager to make sure that they are happy with it.   Unfortunately the detail involved will significantly reduce the number of badges that can be made, not only by me, but also by others as I am well aware that not too many of you like to do such detailed work.  That can’t be helped.  This is an iconic symbol and I am just very pleased that we have been given approval to use it at all.  Once I have created a pattern that the Army Brand Manager is comfortable with I will be able to distribute it to anyone who wishes to have a go.

The Infantry Badge is also another one that we have to adhere to and again, will be too detailed for many of you.  We have been doing embroidered versions of this and we can continue to do that if there are willing volunteers as this is probably the easier way to reproduce the detail in this badge.   I do have a better picture of the badge but it is not in a format that works on the blog so will have to get a better version.  

There are other badges that have been used on our quilts and laundry bags and thankfully, most of them are much more manageable.    

Please note that I have also been asked to send an email once a month listing the quilts and bags that have been made using the emblems.  Please take this into consideration and make my job easier but emailing me and letting me know if you intend to use one of the badges.  Please do not assume that because the quilt request asked for it I will remember you are including it.  Your assistance will be much appreciated.

It is important to remember that these badges mean a lot to those who wear them, a right that is often hard won, so it is incumbent upon us that we do them justice if we are going to reproduce them, out of respect for those who wear them and those who have gone before. 
I will also be writing to the Air Force Brand Manager to request permission to reproduce their badges and crests, 

particularly the Roundel, so if you wish to use one of those in the future please discuss it with me before going ahead

 I have also made contact with the Navy Brand Manager and again, we will need approval to use the Navy crest. So far we have not had a request for this but I will chase it up should it become appropriate.  


When it comes to using the ships’ badges I am in contact with Navy Badges and they have been most cooperative.  I would ask that if you wish to use the badges you contact me first so that I can make sure you are using the correct image.  Most of them are quite detailed and I am not sure that too many of you will be wanting to give them ago.

If you wish to put something on your quilts and do not wish to attempt the badges there are often mottos that you can add which are appropriate and very welcome. 

and now for a change of pace…

An Update on Operation Cover Cameron. 

I did put this on Facebook for those who do not read the blog and emailed it to those on the volunteer list but wanted to make sure that anyone who was interested knew how we are going with this very special project. 

 Block by Claire

I thought you might like to know how we are going with the quilt for Cameron.  He is the young sailor on HMAS Darwin who has been sent home and is currently undergoing Chemo to treat his bone cancer.  
All the blocks have been received by Debbie and she is currently working on the front of the quilt.  I received a bunch of messages from the crew which were printed on fabric and sent to Lynn along with some GREEN fabric for the backing.  Lynn has pieced a central panel for the backing and that has now been received safe and sound.  
Debbie’s plan is to get the quilt in the mail to me at the end of this week and then when I get back from Townsville I will find out the best way of getting it to him sometime during the first week of July.
I think we are going to be really pleased with the end result and Cameron will be left in no doubt that as well as his mates on HMAS Darwin, there is an abundance of people wishing him well.   

The following are some of the comments that we received on the Facebook page when I posted the update there on the weekend.

Thanks JM – as you know my daughter is serving on HMAS Darwin with Cameron. Wish him a speedy recovery. What a great gift to him.

My heart goes out to Cameron as my own Son who is also in the Navy did battle with cancer and undertook Chemo. I am happy to say he has been in remission for several years now. Stay strong and there is always hope.

Awesome effort. I just love your dedication & hard work & kindness. Keep it up xo

How truly kind and thoughtful! I wish Cameron all the best for a good recovery xo

That sounds great

Congratulations to all concerned. Bless you for your kindness.

(From one of his shipmates) This is an awesome effort from you all

Block by Steph

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Unknown

    Amazing background. Eye catching graphics and valuable writing. Thumbs up for you and thank you for sharing it with public. My father was in army and while getting inspiration from him I have a good collection of badges of the US army . This is why I love your layouts.

  2. Lynette Peucker

    Our patchwork group has been asked by our local Services club to make a display in conjunction with the Arts group. We are mindful of having no quilt stands to display quilts.after reading your blog l am thinking we could have a challenge to make a laundry bag dont think time will allow a quilt challenge. Also thought of making a poppy display…after ideas please …yours sincerely Lyn Peucker ( Sunbury Stitchers & Quilters Inc

  3. Gerardus Schoorl

    I was in Vietnam in 1969 where we received parcels and cards from Australian school childeren. You have no idea how great it felt to have someone think of you. Jan-Maree this is a lovely idea and I assure you it will be appreciated. Thank you.


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