Thursday Short and Sweet Story

Written by AHQ

19 June 2014

G’day all.

A quick reminder that the next sewing day at my home is Wednesday the 25th of June.  We will be doing some hand- sewing and can use all the help we can get if you can make it. 

Just a short and sweet story for you tonight. 

At the end of each post I sign off with “keep spreading the word and happy stitching”.  Before you see the results of some of that “happy stitching”  I thought I would share a story about someone who has been doing both.

For those of you who don’t know Lynn and collaborate on many quilt tops. I will do some applique and then send the pieces to her and she will craft a quilt top around whatever I send her.  We have been doing this for around 18 months now and the system works really well.  As well as the quilt tops that we collaborate on Lynn also makes make of the special request quilt tops depending on where the priority is and also when she has spare time, makes what we call random quilts – quilts that are not allocated to a specific person who which I can personalise if need be when a suitable request comes along or which can go off as is if appropriate.  

Yesterday Lynn told me that she ducked out to a small craft and fabric shop to buy some…….
 ……. you guessed it……… 



While at the counter being served someone asked her what she was going to do with it.  Well, that is a GREEN light to an Aussie Hero Friend so she explained all about Aussie Heroes and what we do.  One of the ladies who was listening asked Lynn how many she had done.  Without batting an eyelid Lynn said she had made 186.  

(YES!!!! That is right!  ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SIX) quilt tops.  

That was enough for the lady behind the counter serving her to say well that is certainly enough to earn you 10% off this purchase!  As if that wasn’t enough, one of the customers being served turned around and said she had been sorting out her fabric and was ready to pass some on.  She told Lynn that now she knew what she was going to do with it.  She swapped phone numbers with Lynn and within an hour had collected her fabric and dropped it around to Lynn!  She even said she was going to talk to her quilt group about giving their unwanted fabric to Lynn as well.  

And before I forget – I know sometimes people pass on stories to me and I never post them on the blog.   That is not because they are not good stories.  It is because I have to remember to write them up or just have to find time to write them up in the first place.  If you have passed on a story that you think should have made it to the blog please feel free to remind me!

The following people have sent off quilts and laundry bags this week.  If you think you should be on this list please let me know.


Robyn A
Rita M
Robyn B
Sue N

Cheer for now.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching.  JMxx

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  1. Dasha

    Nice story. Go Lynn! That is an impressive number of quilts for one lady.

  2. Susan

    Very commendable Lynn – great work.

  3. kiwikid

    Well done Lyn!! Aren't quilting people amazing – so nice to hear about the discount and fabric finding a new home.


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