Weekly Dispatches 20 December

Written by AHQ

20 December 2013

G’day all.  Not long till Christmas!!!  Five sleeps in fact.  If you have done all your Christmas shopping I do not want to know!  I hurt my ankle a couple of weeks ago and that has slowed me down (I can still sew and type!!!) so I am waiting till my husband comes home tonight and tomorrow we (mostly he) will hit the shops with a comprehensive list and get what we need.  Wish us (him) luck! 

Not something that I normally celebrate in our Friday night post but guess what – we have 1800 likers on Facebook. 


Woo Hoo.  I remember when we were celebrating 100 and then 500 and a 1000.   Amazing.

A little reminder – please can you send your poppy blocks to the following address 
and not to me.
Caroline Gunn

PO Box 3079

St Mary’s South NSW 2760

Thank you!

A very big thank you to Rosemarie, whose daughter is one of our HMAS Melbourne recipients, for coming over today to help me pack boxes and get a few more things organised before Christmas  Much appreciated Rosemarie.  I hope the drive home was not too hot!  

On to our normal totals for the week
20 quilts this week and 12 laundry bags.  

1339 quilts and 2360 laundry bags for 2013.  

2357 quilts and 3726 laundry bags in total.

Let’s put our hands together to welcome another brave fellow to our list of Aussie Hero Friends.
Three cheers for Ross! This is his first quilt for Aussie Heroes! Thanks Ross!!!


That wagon wheel is the badge for the Joint Movement Coordination Centre.



Jenny G

(super cute!)

Judy C

Julie Ann

Kerryn wrote “the rope on the anchor was my husband’s lanyard.  The badges/insignias were from his navy time.” 


Leanne made this quilt. She particularly wanted to do this quilt her dad was an Australian champion water, skier for many years.  Then he went on to coach kids up until 1972.  Keryn even included an article about him that was in one of the first issues of the Water Ski Magazine.  Now that is special!

Liz J

Louise T


Stephanie T

And finally we need to welcome Rhonda who contacted me for the first time with four quilts and four laundry bags!  Love emails like that. Great quilts and laundry bags Rhonda!

I will be back with another post again on Monday and, hopefully, something special on Christmas Eve I hope.  

Till next time……….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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