Just two sleeps…….

Written by AHQ

23 December 2013

……….till Christmas.

Tonight I have messages for those who are deployed from those who sew for them. 
For me Christmas is about spending time with those who are most special to me but, by virtue of the fact that I have immersed myself in Aussie Heroes, I can’t help but be conscious that there are so many who will not be home with their family and friends because they have a duty to perform……for us.  

I hope these messages let you know that there are lots of people back here who appreciate your service and your sacrifice and that of your family and loved ones.  

Hey Guys,
Merry Christmas to all, stay safe and well. We are proud of every one of you.
Cheers, Keryn

Bless you, love you, keep safe this Christmas. My thoughts are with you now and always.
Warmest greetings sent your way, to wish you well on Christmas day, Keep safe now and always.

To all our troops, whether away or home, thank you for all that you.  I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe New Year.
Hugs to you all and your families
Naomi Vela

To all our wonderful Aussie Heroes 
Thinking of you all celebrating Christmas away from your families and friends.
We wish you all a safe and blessed Christmas and that 2014 brings only good news.
We thank you and your families for making this huge sacrifice of being apart at such a special time. Our prayers are with you all.
Will raise a toast of gratitude and safekeeping to our service men and women on Christmas Day.
Best wishes
Jim and Jill Mather and family.

As you spend this festive time on deployment your family and friends will be holding you close in their thoughts and prayers. Just know that they are not the only ones back here in OZ who will be thinking of you and praying that you stay safe and enjoy the festivities.

  Everyone in the AHQ circle has you in their hearts over this Christmas season and wants the very best for you and yours, now and in the years to come. 

You do marvellous work in vey difficult circumstances for which we are all grateful. 
Thank you! 

God bless each and everyone of you today and always – Laurel from Sydney 

I would like to say a very Merry Christmas to all the deployed servicemen and women who are unable to spend this Christmas with their families and loved ones.
Please know that we are all thinking of you and wishing you good cheer.
We support you and what you do as part of the Australian Defence Force. Please be safe and I will pray that you will all be home soon.  
Caz (Deputy Nut) 

Christmas Cheers
I’m never sure what to say, or how to say it, so I’ll do the best I can.
Sometimes Thank You never seems to be enough when you guys sacrifice so much & dedicate your lives to keeping Australia & other countries safe, for helping other people to get back on their feet when times are tough.
You risk your life for people you have never met just to keep us safe.
You go without so we do not.
I hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas even though you are away from your loved ones & that you will soon be reunited with your families.
 May you all have safe  & Merry Christmas.
Thinking of you & sending love


I wish all our troops a wonderful Christmas and New Year and a big thank you for the work you are doing, and have done, in the Middle East since 2001.    Thinking of you as you are apart from your families, partners and children over Christmas and may you be reunited with them soon.  Take care and God bless.   Liz J.

We live in a lucky country helped in no small part by our Defence Force Personnel. We will raise our glass to toast all our ADF (including our son) on Christmas Day to say Thank You.
Joan & Robin in Sydney.
Hi to all our Service Men and Women, currently serving overseas.
Just dropping in from Tasmania, to say how proud I am of you all, for your commitment to serving your Country.
You are serving in a dangerous zone of the world, so that we can continue to enjoy the peace that we have in this lucky country.
I recently travelled to USA and saw a little notice that said, “the land of the free, because of the brave”.
I believe this can also be applied to Australia.
Stay safe,
Hi to you all “over there” This year has been a great experience for me meeting many of you via aussieheroquilts. My own daughter was there last year  and I know she would rather have been home BUT as you have given your all to our wonderful country Christmas will be a very happy time for you in our hearts. None of you will ever be forgotten for the great Aussie spirit shown to other cultures and people and you will be very much appreciated even when you are home at last “not long now”. So please have a very very happy Christmas and we look forward to you all being home soon Thankyou all for your service Su 


To all our service men and women, wishing you all a safe and merry festive season .
Thankyou for what you all do, being away from all your family and friends at this time of year is very hard but hopefully you will be back home soon.
Cheers an AHQuilter

THE O’L BAGS & A DAG from Heritage Lodge

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a happy, healthy and safe New Year. 

Chrissie greetings to our far away Aussies.  Christmas holidays in our Australian culture bring to mind lazy summer days, beach picnics, BBQs and lots of yummy food with the family.  We all hope that everyone will experience some of this warmth and comfort, even while far away.  For those of you who are working on foreign soil or at sea, we hope you can gather with your mates and create an away-from-home family to stand in for the people at home. Be encouraged that you are not forgotten, most of you have family who will be thinking of you and many glasses will be raised in your name. Distance does not lesson appreciation or respect and you will have bus loads of that as many Australians, former work mates, old friends, acquaintances and complete strangers will include you in their thoughts and prayers over this season of love and togetherness.  
Blessings, Janine C

Christmas greeting to all our troops serving overseas.  God Bless you all at Christmas and throughout 2014.  Grateful and sincere thanks for all your hard slog on our behalf.  
Tom & Alice Handley, Waroona, Western Australia.
You are perhaps feeling lonely because it is Christmas and you are so far away from home.  
But no one should ever feel alone when serving one’s country.

Please take comfort in knowing that you are in our thoughts and prayers each day.

We appreciate the sacrifice you are making especially at this time of the year.

Remember that you will soon be home again with your family and friends.

Sending you our love, gratitude and admiration and wishing you a Merry Christmas xxxxx

Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and 
best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and safe 2014.
A big thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my family.
We appreciate the sacrifice you are making every day, especially on your deployment being away from your loved
ones and your friends.
We live in the best country in the world and it’s all thanks to all of our servicemen and women.
Best wishes and safe return to Australia.
From Kaylee Healy and family of Tweed Heads. 

Hi,troops of Australia hope you have a Merry Christmas,and I hope you like the quilts.
My name is Liam and I am 8 years old,and I am laying on my grandmothers dog Max.
Hope you win the war.
That email is from my grandson, there is a story that sort of goes with his message about a boy and his dog.
Max belongs to Liam’s mother, but he stays with me.  When max was a pup two kids tormented him to the point that he didn’t like little kids.  Liam would go up to the back door and talk to Max, but Max would bark at him.  About 12 months ago  we decided to let Max in the house to see how he would react to Liam.  We had nothing to worry about – there was an instant bond between them.  Max loves Liam to bits.  Liam can do anything with Max and he sits there and takes it.  Now we can cannot get them apart.

To all our Defence people where ever you are in the world,  I would like to wish all a very special Christmas and a safe New Year.
Helping out with Aussie Heros has been a real pleasure this year.   I have met a lot of interesting people and when I tell them what I want the fabrics and tea towels (for laundry bags) for they become very interested and want to know more so I tell them what I can.
There is one lady, Mary, in her late seventies, she gave me 5 tea towels to make into bags,and I made her a promise to take them show her before I send them off.
I think the best thing is reading the amazing messages that come thru on the the Aussie Hero blog site from the troops who have received quilts or laundry bags.  Its wonderful.

We wish you all the very best for Christmas and a safe return to your family. Katherine,Bronwyn,and Liam 

Seasons greetings to our Deployed Hero’s.Wishing each and every one a safe and heathy 1214 and speedy return to your loved ones.Cheers from a devoted Aussie Hero Quilter.
Bev Coates Victoria .

Warm wishes to all those “Aussie Heroes” away from their loved ones and friends. We  want you to know that there are people unknown to you who are thinking of you this Xmas holiday season. We are very proud of you!

Sue & Vince Flemming and Family

The tree is decorated and presents piled under it. Christmas wall hangings and decorations are spread throughout the house. The kitchen has been redolent with the smell of spices and cooking for mince pies, slices and puddings. We are ready for our family on Christmas Day!

But, what about YOU? Where are you? What are you doing? Definitely not celebrating like us but here in the safety of Australia. You sacrifice so much to bring peace and safety to other lands and cultures. Your loved ones have an empty chair at all those important occasions – births, weddings, birthdays, school concerts, etc. But, they support you with love.
We think of you, not just at Christmas, but every day that you are away. We thank you and your supportive families.
Take care and come home safely.
Jeann Clark

As our children have now reached late teens, our Christmas has changed and evolved, so much that this Christmas will be rather quiet. We will have breakfast with our children and my mother in law and as my parents live out of Brisbane, we will have lunch on Friday with my niece and nephew.
This year, Christmas will arrive in the New Year for me, as I will be travelling to Sydney and spending some time with Jan-Maree and her family. Then we have the opportunity to meet one of my first recipients that I made a very special quilt for who was posted with the UN. These people hold a very special place in my heart now and without becoming immersed in Aussie Hero’s, I would have never had the chance to have meet them.
I would like to wish all of you who are spending Christmas away from those who hold a special place in your heart a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, laughter and smiles. Please stay safe and know that I thank each one of you for your service and dedication.
Love and Hugs



What does Christmas offer for our men and women over there?

In Kabul  I am told….

The aussies have organised a BBQ lunch with turkey and ham. There will be Christmas puddings and mince pies as well. One of the members aunite has backed an old fashioned Christmas cake to share amongst all.
It will be a little gathering on our verandah outside where we will cook the BBQ, we will decorate the area and also do a secret Santa…  I know that in the morning most of us will choose to skype our families and see everyone at home opening the pressies etc.

And we will all be missing OZ but hopefully seeing some snow! 

And in Dubai

On Christmas Eve the elves will get together and decorate the dining/recreation areas in a Christmas theme, there will be a raffle, a Christmas movie and of course,
Carols and Chapel Service

On Christmas Day there will be a Christmas Day Service and then a visit from Santa followed by Christmas Lunch, trivia games and nibbles and a BBQ for dinner and maybe a Volley ball game.
Of course there has to be a Boxing Day Cricket Match (of course).  
There will be a belated Christmas for those on duty Christmas Day
There will also be Musical entertainment (those musically inclined will jam)

It looks like the spirit of Christmas will be alive and well there but there is always work to support our troops.

As for my message…..

How will you celebrate Christmas this year?
Will you be in the midst of those you hold dear?
Will you listen to carols, will you set your table
With the prettiest plates, just as nice as you are able?
Will you travel to Grandma’s, or visit a friend
Will you accept the invite someone else did send?
Have you bought all the presents, are they wrapped ‘neath the tree
In bright paper and ribbons so pretty to see?
Is your big meal of the day dinner or lunch
Do you do both, and all day you will munch?
Do you have roast turkey, or chicken, or maybe some prawns
Does the amount to be done see you up with the dawn?

Well can you please do me a favour where ever you are
And remember our troops serving both near and far.
Those in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force
Must not forget Defence civilians, of course.
Though all of them are where they need to be
To serve our great country, that means you and me,
They can’t be at home with the ones they love most
But are in foreign lands with a different host.
They might have a Barbie, seafood or roast on a spit
And if they are lucky the ration of beer will be quite a hit.
They might have presents sent by family and friends
And probably care packages the Aussie public sends
But it won’t be the same as they would like it to be;
At home with their loved ones and family.

So please when you sit at your table this year
With those that you love and hold most dear
Spare a thought, raise your glass, remember some way
Our great Aussie Heroes who we should thank every day
For doing their duty and serving us all
So our nation is safe and we can stand tall.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of “youse”

But especially to you wearing DPCUs!

PS. I have kept a little something up my sleeve for tomorrow night……
See you then!

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