Weekly Dispatches 16 May ….

Written by AHQ

16 May 2014

Another great week of laundry bags and quilts- over 30 quilts and nearly 70 laundry bags headed off.
Well done everyone!

418 quilts and 549 laundry bags for 2014.  

2773 quilts and 4380 laundry bags in total.

Andrea created this quilt top but it needed to be lengthened so I sent it to Lynn to do her thing and then Robyn and Evelyn quilted and bound it.

Bev created this matching set

and then this set

and then she got on a roll with laundry bags

all with the flag on the back

Except for this awesome double sided one.

Melissa created this top from some of our BOMs  and then completed the quilt.

Debbie has also been busy

Couldn’t show you one of Debbie’s quilt and can’t show you Evelyn’s as they are both too distinctive.  Won’t be long till you get to see them.


Jacqui Smith created this quilt and we found out the recipient is a clearance diver so Evelyn
personalised it.

A few by me…

and the back

Another double sided one

Lynn created this one and Robin and Evelyn quilted and bound it.


Julie Ann



Kitty made this lovely quilt top and Kym quilted it 

Another quilt top by Kitty and this time quilted by Stephanie T



And the back

Louise and her daughters sewed up a batch of laundry bags

And she also made this awesome quilt top that was quilted and bound by Robin and Evelyn

And another two quilt tops quilted by Stephanie T

Louise T

Stephanie T created the map of Vietnam for this one, I did the boatman and the flag and Lynn created the meandering river down the middle. Quilted and bound by Robin and Evelyn

Another three by Lynn, quilted by Stephanie T

Mary made a batch of Laundry bags

The MUC Pilgrim Patchworkers are back again

Remember those Mystery blocs you guys sent in?  Well here are the last two quilts.  the tops were put together by Lynn and the quilting was completed by Robyn and Evelyn.

The Canterbury Bulldogs one

And the St George one.

Nancy sent off a bunch more quilts this week.

These two quilts were made by the Nambour Christian College Quilters

Pennie created these two laundry bags

and then took some of our BOMs and created this fabulous quilt.  I think we have to do these Aussie blocks again! They are too cool!

These laundry bags were stitched at Penrith by Kiwi Karen and Rachel earlier this month


Stephanie D

This quilt by Stephanie D is a great study in how to personalise a quilt in a very simple way.

And check out the back!

Stephanie T created this quilt and she included information on the origins of the Black Stump!


Complete with flying pig detail

Sue N

with extra cool baking

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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