Weekly Dispatches 14 June

Written by AHQ

14 June 2013

Another awesome week of quilts and laundry bags for you to enjoy this week.  

The tally so far-

35 quilts this week and 72 laundry bags.
605 quilts and 1279 laundry bags for 2013

1612 quilts and 2653 laundry bags in total.

Please let me know if you made this quilt top.  It was sent off this week and I would love to edit the post and give credit to the maker.


Angela – and yes, it went to a RAAFie.  This is the back

and the front

This is actually a laundry bag – great applique!


Carol DS


Chelle, lovely Post Mistress from Egypt (see here if you don’t know what I am talking about) has sent off her first two Aussie Hero Quilts!


Di P sent off her first quilt.


Jan sent off her first batch of laundry bags with Angela’s help.

Jenny B

Me –  have I shown you this before?

This one was made by me and quilted by Belinda.  It is for someone who works with the Chinooks – as if you couldn’t tell – and such a shame you can’t see it but it is quilted with chinooks too!  Thanks Belinda.  I can’t share the thank you I received for this one as it was VERBAL!  That is right!  I got a phone call!  Yep, I was happy dancing.  The blurry bit in the middle would give it away so I can’t share that bit.  



Judy D


and back with laundry bag.


Liz B

Liz J


and two more

A joint effort.  Lynn made the quilt top, Carol quilted it and I added the Rising Sun 

I am told this fellow is as green as green can be.  LOL

Another one – quilt top by Lynn, applique by me and quilted by Kim.

Margaret made this vivid blue beauty

and this cute pink and black one


I really must start looking around for some football team pillowcases!

Another reversible quilt – this time by Millie.

The next five quilts were sent off by Nancy but with the first one a special thanks goes to Beth K and friend for the top.


This was a joint project – blocks by the ladies at a Penrith sewing day plus a few random BOMs that had been waiting for a home, put together by ladies at a sewing day at my home.  Quilted by Liz B, laundry bag by Liz B

Cute quilt by Sarah L

Sue N

Quilt tops by Jill M and quilted by Li B

Rita M 

And this is a reversible one – surfing on one side and

golf on the other

Sarah and co

LOVE this fabric!  Perfect for this request too

Stephanie D


 and a corker of a backing (Psst they are corks – not sure if they show up in the picture)

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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