Victorian Aussie Hero Quilters Gathering by Sue O’D

Written by AHQ

13 December 2018

We had a great meeting of Victorian Quilters on Saturday and spent time telling ‘heart warming’ stories of times we had met up with other quilters and recipients at different AHQ events during the year. 

We didn’t have any ‘real live’ recipients but we certainly ‘felt the love’ in the stories told and experiences shared. We had lots of laughs and really enjoyed each others’ company.
It has been a busy year for most of us but we have loved being involved with AHQ and intend to do so in 2019. We have already started making plans for meeting up again!
Wishing every one involved with AHQ a very Happy Christmas and Joyous New year.  Congratulations on the amazing results that have been achieved over the year.  Bring on 2019!
Happy Sewing! –  from the Victorian Aussie Hero Quilters, Embroiderers and Laundry Bag makers.

Thanks Sue!

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