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3 April 2014

Hi All,
I always seem to have way too many quilts and laundry bags on my personal list and there is a very good reason for that.  I see ALL the requests and some of them are so special and heartwarming that the “control freak” in me just does not want to hand them  on.  Let’s just say I think I think I have learned more about delegation in this job than I ever did in 15 years as an officer! LOL I know however hem all.  Thank goodness there are all of you out there to help!

Obviously when I share the requests on the blog or in emails I have to protect the privacy and the identity of the recipients so I can’t share all the information I am given.  That means that usually you don’t get to read the messages that I do and therefore, possibly do not fully appreciate the heartfelt gratitude that is out there for what we do.  I hope that by sharing some of the following request messages I will be sharing a little more of that feeling with you.

My predecessor told me about these quilts and laundry bags and it would be lovely to have one to make my room less sterile.  There are people with far greater need for these than me so there is no hurry.  Anything would be lovely to brighten things however, my favourite colours blues and pinks and I love cats and Paris.  Thank-you very much,

A bit about me, I love my AFL (mad west coast eagles supporter), love my cricket, love my surfing and I am in the Air Force.  I hope that is all the information you need from me for my quilt/laundry bag. If more information is needed just flick me a message back and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can as I am a shift worker.  Thankyou very much for this opportunity, this is a really nice thing your doing and I am very grateful.

I heard of your group last year and all the wonderful work you do for our ADF and was curious as to if there was a possibility of getting a quilt or laundry bag sent to my husband in Afghanistan?

I myself am a terrible sewer but appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into these wonderful garments. I have been looking for anything that could lift my husband’s spirits while being away from home, and this seems a wonderful idea.

Please let me know if this is a possibility. I’m not sure if people are able to request these awesome gifts or if there is some sort of process that is in place.

and when she was shown a photo of the quilt that was sent to her husband her response was particularly heart warming.

You have truly made my day!
We have all been a bit down lately missing each other so much and this wonderful gift has really lifted my spirits!
To know that special people are willing to use their own time and skills to create such a special keepsake for my husband truly touches my heart.
The quilt is amazing and I am sure he will love it as much as I do.
I will be sure to get him to send a photo when he receives it!

A few friends of mine here on deployment with me have received some of your quilts and I absolutely adore them.  Could you please let me know what the process is?
Thank you,

I understand that I may not get exactly what I have requested, but I have seen some of the work and think it is all amazing.  Colours I like are blue, green, purple. My hobbies mostly involve the ocean…scuba diving, wakeboarding, surfing, fishing.

Hi guys
I have just come across your page, Your work is great LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
My husband is on HMAS Darwin on deployment away from his daughter and myself with still another 4-5 months to go. I would love to send him a quilt and laundry bag, how would i go about this?

Hello Jan Maree!
Having just arrived and met XXXXX.  I was immediately envious of her lovely quilt. I would love to hear back about potentially getting some quilts made up? We think your idea is great… Keep up the fantastic work ladies!

I am currently serving in the UAE for the next 6 to 8 months, I’ve served in the Australian Army for 4 years now and this is my first deployment overseas.  I have left behind my fiance who is also in the Army, two cats and our border collie, so whilst deployed I also have a wedding to continue planning as we get married this year. I have a few friends here who have been in receipt of your wonderful laundry bags and quilts and they are simply amazing!  At the moment it’s still winter here and I would love nothing more to also be so lucky to receive my very own quilt and laundry bag. I could not be prouder to be where I am, doing my job. Thank you for your hard work in keeping up our morale.  It is much appreciated.

I can’t tell you how many emails and messages I get from people saying how much difference we are making to deployed personnel,  how good they feel to know that people actually think of them whilst they are deployed and so on.  I share as many as I can and I hope that all of you out there who are the wonderful volunteers who sew for us understand how much what we do means to the soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families.  

Now for something different.  I thought you might like a bit of a look at Headquarters AHQ. Warning!!!  It is not always this tidy.  I took these photos to show a friend of mine so that she knows where I spend most of my time and I was looking for some photos to include in this post as I think every post needs photos.  I am lucky enough to have a room that I can dedicate to my sewing and now Aussie Heroes.  This is my sewing room/office!

Note the world’s largest dog bed, actually the day bed!  If you come to visit me during the school term this year, like Debbie did, then you will have the luxury of being able to stay in my son’s room as he is at boarding school, but if you come during the holidays this will be your bed.  

The drawers behind my desk were made by my father and he had them in his office (he was a primary school principal).  He used old tea chests and whatever recycled wood he could get his hands on and each drawers has different compartments and dividers in it (see pic below).   Behind my desk is a bookcase with SOME of my fabrics in it.  

Yes, I love Rasant thread!

This is the command post!  LOL  My laptop to the left and my sewing machine to the right.  The door on the left goes to the laundry (very handy) and the door to the right leads in to the lounge dining area (the overflow of AHQ Headquarters in reality).  I am lucky enough to have my own TV, recorder and stereo in there too – though I can go days without turning them on if I am busy with emails etc.

 These shelves line the wall to the right of my desk.  They need a good sorting and there is probably a lot of stuff that can go out from there but whoever has time for that?  You can see more fabric storage in the glass doored cupboard at the end.

My sons would kill me if they knew I was posting this pic of them  when they were pre-schoolers!  Guess they should read my blog if they want to know what I am up to!  CUTE!!! They turn 18 next month!

And of course, one of the most important collaborators on Aussie Hero Quilts is Maisy and this is her bed squeezed in beside my desk.  She loves it.  

Of course there is a bigger bed on the other side of my desk should she need to stretch out and can’t be bothered jumping up on the daybed but she has to share it with Snickers, her co-collaborator.  Though, according to Snickers, why lie on the approved dog bed when there is a perfectly comfy quilt waiting to be bound or to have a label attached.  LOL

And in case they both need to stretch out there is another dog bed, Snickers’ favourite spot, at the side of the Day Bed.  Yep, it is a tough life for a dog in my house!

And of course, with an office to work in you can imagine that the rest of my house is spotless and there is no need to AHQ bits and pieces to be found any anywhere else in other rooms!  

If you believe that then you have not been here for a sewing day or one of our dinners! 😀

It is Thursday night so as usual, if you have sent off a quilt or a laundry bag this week and are not on this list please let me know.

Jenny and Gale
Kim M
Sue N

Back to work for me – lots to do.

Til next time…………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    I read and devour everything you post, but this little insight into your work space is especially delicious! Thank you for that!


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