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5 October 2023

I am a bit late sharing this but it is still a good read… Enjoy. 

On Friday 8 September, Fran T, Jan-Maree and I, Marg B, had the privilege of visiting Chaplains’ College to talk about Aussie Heroes and present the new Chaplains with Laundry Bags. This is something we have been doing for a number of years and is a great joy.

We were greeted by Gean E and taken upstairs where we met the other organizations that were to be part of the presentation. When our turn came Jan-Maree gave a short history of  about Aussie Heros. (She did  a great job in the 2/3 minutes allotted). After all the presentations everyone mingled and answered questions and talked about our work.  Not only did we have Lbs to show we also had a quilt that had recently been given to a recipient that she had kindly let me take to show (complete with service dog. Sandy’s embroidered picture and no doubt a few hairs). There were lots of questions and interest in what we do and how we might be able to fit in with their work.

A call to order was given and we presented the LBs to the attending chaplains. It is always interesting to see the reactions, there were some tears and amazement that someone unknown to them would spend the time and effort to make such a gift. Quite often the fabrics chosen by the sewer have special meaning for the  recipient even though they are unknown to the sewer. This always  sends shivers up my spine.

We were all thanked beautifully by one of the Chaplains.

This is aways a special occasion and I wouldn’t miss it.

Some of the feedback is amazing.

In June I made Kelly H’s bag and a piece of ‘London’ fabric that I had had for 10/11 years ‘insisted’ on being part of the bag so I thought she must have some English connections but when I enquired that was not the case. About a month after the course Kelly received a posting to the UK!!! So of course she is going, with confidence.


Margaret B






Thanks Marg!

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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