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17 October 2013

Before the rest of the post tonight I just have to say I am listening to all the chaos on the radio about the fires that are all over Sydney and NSW.  If you are affected you are in our thoughts and prayers.  Take care and stay safe and please do not take any risks.

   G’day all.  I am doing things in a different order from normal tonight.  I often wonder whether it is better to put the important stuff at the top of a post or at the end.  Do you start from the top and read the important information and then skim and scan the rest, or do you read the post from top to bottom.  Do you remember best the info that you read last?  Who knows.  I guess it depends on the reader.  Anyway, tonight I would like you to read to the bottom, or at least make sure you read the very last piece in red because I think it is fundamental to why we all do what we do.


I don’t like to go into details as I am not sure how much I am welcome to share publicly but for those who are not on Facebook, the lovely Old Bags and the Dag are doing it a little tough at the moment and would welcome your good wishes and prayers.  

Here is the list of those who have sent off quilts and laundry bags so far this week.  Because we have a sewing day tomorrow I may not be able to add pictures to tomorrow night’s post that I receive after tonight but have no fear – they will be added to next week’s post.

So, if you have sent something off this week and you are not on this list please let me know.

Jenny and Gale
Jenny G
Debbie, Dasha and Clare
Lisa B
Louise and Kim

I have another thank you before the messages from the troops.  I need to say a big thank you to the wonderful members of the Waverley Patchworkers Inc who sent us a generous donation for $100 to help in our efforts to make Aussie Hero Quilts. I have sent them a thank you letter but I will say again here, thank you very much for your kind donation.  I will make sure it is put to good use.  They said in part “the work you are doing is tremendous so keep up the good work”.  This is the second time they have sent us a donation so I must also thank them for their on-going support.

It is much appreciated.


Don’t forget the social event of the year!

The Brisbane Dinner

Remember you need to buy your ticket for the dinner if you plan to join us and don’t forget to buy some raffle tickets if you don’t want to miss out on the chance to win an Aussie Hero Quilt.  
All details can be found here

And now for some messages back to us from our Heroes.

Sometimes I don’t just hear back from the recipient but the person who submitted a request gets in touch as well.   That is the case here about a quilt made by Sandra.

Hi Jan-Maree, 

XXXXX has received her quilt, and she loves it! 

We have since been moved to different locations and work in separate Post Offices. She facebooked me last night to show me her quilt. I think she won’t get out of be now!
She was so excited and loves the theme. 

Thanks once again for all of your efforts, they sure are appreciated here. Please pass on our thanks to all of your quilt making community!

Hi Jan,
I have just received my quilt, and just in time for the cooler weather here in Afghanistan. Thank you very much for the great quilt you’ve made. I was a bit surprised at the tank theme at first, then realised the my wife must have been up to something.

I really appreciate what you are are doing for the guys and girls who are currently deployed. Please pass on a big thank you to your team from myself & my son who’ll inherit the quilt when I get home.

And a special note – this fellow made it home on leave in time to be present at the birth of his first child by with just hours to spare!  Can you imagine how hard it was for him  to leave his pregnant wife let along to leave again.  That is sacrifice!


And now for something a little different.

One of the lovely fellows that has acted as a point of contact and a distributor for laundry bags has come to the end of his time in the Middle East and has taken the time to send similar thank you notes to several of those who have regularly sent to him.  I received one of his letters and copies of his poems as well and although I cannot ask his permission to share them I do not think he will mind.

This is what he wrote.

My time in the Middle East comes to an end shortly and I would like to sincerely thank you for the outstanding contribution you made to the living conditions over here for many Airmen, Soldiers and Seamen.
The beautiful designs and impressive craftmanship are easily recognisable in all the quilts and laundry bags that I have seen or distributed on your behalf.  Don’t underestimate the difference the quilts and bags have on the lives of the personnel over here. Honestly, there is no better feeling after a long day to simply walk in and walk out virtually instantly with your laundry without having to rat through 120 maroon coloured bags. The unique designs make the process very easy indeed.
Some members may not have written to you to express their gratitude but I can assure you they are very grateful and appreciate the thoughts and contributions the many ladies at Aussie Hero Quilts across Australia.
Being an Arsenal supporter and soccer freak, I was thrilled to receive my quilt loving and superbly made by Rita M (Alias Granny Smith or Granny Apples to her grand kids)  This quilt adorned my bed with particular pride throughout my deployment. It’s a unique and enduring memory that I will treasure and look back on in years to come with great fondness and affection. I know first hand that other members who have received quilts treasure and embrace them with great affection also.
On behalf of the members across the Middle East Area of Operations, I would like to thank you again for your contribution to the morale of the personnel serving here.

I was also sent this Certificate of Appreciation.  

This poem he wrote for the members of Mechanical Engineering and Operational Maintenance Section (MEOMS) based at Al Minhad Airbase (AMAB)  Dubai.

He said “I am very proud to say this was my team that I was in charge of for 6 and a half months.”
The Team
Eight tradesmen brought together,
Sent to AMAB to do the job better;
Drawn from all the corners of the great Aussie land,
Then transported by A340 to the Emirate of sand;
Eight individuals thrust together as a crew,
In no time the friendships grew;
We gained strength from one another,
And kept spirits high through banter and no bother;
There was a lot of work to be attained,
And the spare parts system was strained;
Machinery breaking across the land,
But the team made sure everything was in hand;
The Commanding Officer was not impressed,
But the team pushed on and did their best;
Eight tradesmen moulded together as a team,
And achieved things that others could only dream;
A team more noted for doing maintenance that writing poems,
Say, “Keep calm and call the team from MEOMS“.
And his second poem.
A Deployment possibility came my way,
And I had to decide whether to go or to stay.
I would be leaving my loved ones behind,
But an opportunity like this is hard to find.
So I packed my bags and left the Aussie land,
And went by A340 to a country of sand.
The dusty air was thick as far as could be seen,
But I was there to do a job for country and queen.
I am full of admiration for those men with grit,
But I do not envy them one little bit.
Real bullets flying both day and night,
Is not what I call fun, in a fight.
The reality of it all is brought out to bear,
When a loved one received a call we all fear.
I regret to inform you I’m afraid,
An Aussie Hero has been killed in a raid.
Now when you leave this dusty war torn place,
And arrive home to loved ones with smiles on their face,
Be mindful of your friends still under attack,
And remember the colleagues that never came back.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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