Happy Mail and the Latest Requests.

Written by AHQ

16 October 2013

G’day all.  I hope this finds you all well.  Tonight is Happy Mail night so I thought I would share something that came in the mail today that makes me happy just to look at it.  This is Corporal Quack and he was sent to me by Angela from Brisbane who recently saw him when she was in Scotland on holidays with her folks.  I think he is just gorgeous and I thought he might make you smile as well.

Much appreciated Angela. I am going to sit him somewhere that I will see him regularly so that he can continue to make me smile!

Now for the rest of the happy mail for tonight.  Louise sent in this lovely quilt top – this is for a special request so next it will be off to the quilters.

Sonya sent me a bunch of these gorgeous brown and gold squares and some companion fabric to go with them.  A great Hawthorn quilt I suspect.

Finally I received a huge parcel yesterday from Dess.  She sent me these three laundry bags

and each one is sealed with a kiss – love that.  Dess also sent two awesome quilts but I am hoping to get them packed up ready for posting tomorrow so I thought I would wait and show those on Friday night for Weekly Dispatches.

Moving right along.  I am running a bit late with the Request List for this week.  Normally it comes out on Monday but with all the arrangements for the Dinner plus taking yesterday afternoon to run my son and his mate to and from their HSC Exam I have not had time.  So here is the list tonight.

As always please remember that everyone is asked to give us their favourite colours and then their hobbies and interests.  They do not expect it – we ask for this information.   

You will note there is one fellow (19) who likes green and gold but he loves the Swans and St George, both of who are red and white teams. Of course he is not expecting all of that in the one quilt.  You get to pick what you want to focus in on.  Similarly  another fellow has said he likes green and blue Science fiction such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly, Warrhammer 40,000 game,  or pirates.  He is not expecting all of those in the one quilt.  He just wanted to give us lots of options to work with and has also said, as most of them do, he is pretty easy going and will be happy with whatever we send him.

Posting to HMAS MELBOURNE early in their deployment is important as you may remember that mail to the ships can take a really long time.  Hopefully if we get our parcels in the mail sooner rather than later they will get their quilts sooner rather than later. 
PLEASE remember – give me all the info on the line plus the number so that I can find the recipient’s details on my  list and can send them to you.

Just in case there are any new people out there looking at the blog for the first time and thinking of putting their hand up for a request – you must let me know before you start working on a quilt to make sure that noone else has nabbed that request.
Hope you find something that takes your fancy. I know I would love to do a number of these but already have too many on my list! 
To be posted no later than 1 Dec.  All of these are HMAS MELBOURNE and therefore Navy except 13 who is army based on the ship and 17 who is army and based on land.
If you want any more info on any of these requests I can probably get more info in a day or two.
NRL Team Nth Qld Cowboys – blue
AFL Tigers black and yellow
AFL Team St Kilda and a frangipani – red, black and white
Exotic Sports Cars – blue
Black – Penrith Panthers
Science fiction such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly, Warrhammer 40,000 game,  or pirates – blue and green
Dirt bikes, 4WD, spearfishing, anchors, skulls dk green
NRL Manly Sea Eagles Golf
Army green camo (trying to change over from Navy)
Navy Blue and White stripes Geelong
Aussie flag
Army theme
Geelong Cats
Green time with 3 kids
Navy blue aviation helos
To be posted no later than 6 Dec if not before
Green Aussie
Colour- Green and Gold – Sydney Swans, St George Dragons and Helicopters.
Colour- Green, Blue and Orange, – Nature and Beach.
Colour- Red, Blue and Black, – Sydney Roosters, West Coast Eagles and Holden Racing Team.
Colour- Black, Green and Multi, – Mythology, Pirates and Vikings
Hockey farming

To be posted no later than 6 Jan but much prefer beforehand (bearing in mind that it is only now mid October.)
Surfing, fishing, 4WD All things Australian
your choice
Traditional tattoo anchors ships dark colours
colour- red and black – fishing and car racing.
colour- Green and blue – sydney roosters, V8’s.
Star Wars
Colour- Green, Blue and Yellow, camo  – Holden, St George Dragons and Sydney Swans
Colour- Red and White,  – St George Dragons.
Colour- Blue, hobbies/intersts- Fishing, AFL, Cars, Beer, Outback Australia
Colour- Blue and Black, hobbies/interests – Ford, Essendon bombers, Motorbikes and Transam
Colour- Black, hobbies/interests- Gold Coast Titans and Metallica
vintage/ floral/ polka dotted
Loves travel especially Europe
Pinks and purples
West coast eagles and cycling  Fav colours pink and blue

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Great post as always, Jan-Maree 🙂 I have been busy practicing my quilting skills the past two days, Now I have caught up with my other commitments I am raring to get back into Aussie Hero sewing.


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