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15 August 2013

Big thanks today to Laurel who came and spent the day working with me.  She managed to sew the binding on 5 quilts whilst I sewed the labels on those five and thirteen more.   Grand total of 18 quilts ready to go in the mail tomorrow.  Thankfully I have Kerry coming to help me box everything up in the morning so all I have to do is write all the covering letters that go with them!

Another big thank you to all those in Kandahar who have made a donation recently.  The current Kandahar Crew have made it possible for me to buy a whole roll of batting and then some which is what keeps Aussie Heroes ticking over.  One roll of batting provides enough for around thirty quilts and is probably the most expensive part of the quilt.  Thanks also to all the other wonderful contributors who keep the bank balance ticking over just enough for me to not have to worry about where the next roll of batting is coming from.  My supplier has asked not to be named but they have whole heartedly supported us since day one with batting supplied at cost price and little or no shipping.  That is another indication of the support out there for our wonderful Heroes!

Only a few thank you messages tonight though I know there are more out there.  Please remember that if you receive a thank you message it would be great it you could do the following –

1.  please let me know that you have heard from your recipient so that I can mark their quilt/laundry bag off as received and then don’t waste time chasing them up so make sure they received it, and

2. please let me share the message on the blog.  I removed all identifying, operational and personal information so that no-one can identify who is sending the message etc but it is really encouraging for those who don’t receive a thank you to read the ones that do come in.  Also, I regularly hear from troops currently deployed as well as those who are home, and families of troops, who all tell me that they love seeing the messages too.  It is part of the package of Aussie Heroes that brings much encouragement all round.

And now for some more indications that we are doing the right thing and are being appreciated.  Here are some thank you messages for this week.  A lot of these came as a result of me following up quilts and laundry bags.  As the end of our time in TK draws near the work load is increasing and the mantra “do more with less” is a common cry apparently (so I am told) and so we can expect to hear less from the recipients as time and facilities become scarce.  What we do hear is pretty good though as far as I am concerned.


I’m sorry I’v been meaning to email you. I did receive laundry bag. I am very happy with it, it looks awesome, as well as everyone else that also received a quilt or bag are happy with what they had received. You all have done another amazing job helping all of us out.
I can’t thank you enough for your support. Thank you.


I received my awesome quilt and matching bag!! I’m so thankful, I’ve never had a quilt before and for someone to do this off there own back is amazing.
Please thank Susan for me, It’s beautiful, with the turtles and dolphins. I love it! And the jaffas were greatly appreciated as my stores of chocolate were exhausted haha.
Everyone I’ve spoken with think this program is great, having something to look forward to while deployed really lifts everyone’s moods, I know it definitely lifted mine.
Thank you for running this aussie quilt program, I hope it sticks around for deployed members to come!!
Please thank everyone involved with the program.
Kind regards,


This following email is from one of the roving photographers and this is his quilt which I don’t think has been shown on the blog before although a similar one has.  Thanks to Michele for the awesome black and white camera fabric and to Lynn for her, as usual, awesome work.  And for you younger readers, those funny strips with the black borders and the little white rectangles are what old fashioned reals of film used to look like before everything turned digital!


Well, I was out and about in Afghanistan doing what I do and out of the blue I have received a parcel that has been following me around for about month. When I open it I found the best present you could get. I was so amazed that you captured my life so perfectly. I am still out and about photographing and having fun taking my quilt with me. It actually came in handy as I needed some bedding and didn’t have anything with me and the postal clerk brought your parcel to me and bam! there was your quilt.
Please pass on my thanks to all involved for the fantastic work you have all done.
I will provide a photo when I have then chance as you could shine that it is very busy at the moment


Hi Joan and Robin,

I received one of your laundry bags today. It is so beautiful and well made and I was very happy to receive it. Thank for your brightening my day and making it easier to find my washing in the laundry room! We really appreciate everything you are doing for our deployed soldiers.


Dear Sue.
I wanted to send you a small token of my appreciation to thank you for the lovely Bart Simpson washing/laundry bag. I brought my eldest son’s Simpson doona cover on deployment with me and I was very excited by your laundry bag. It is really nice to see all the colourful laundry bags getting around on base.
Thank you!


Dear Joan,

I wanted to send you a small token of my appreciation to thank you for the colourful laundry bag. Thank you also for the book. I promised myself to read more during this deployment, so your book was well received. It is really nice to see all the colourful laundry bags getting around on base. Thank You, Take care.

Dear Joan,

Thank you for the lovely gift. The laundry bag is so bright and cheerful it has absolutely brightened up my living space.  I want to say that you for all the work you do, the Aussie Heroes Quilts and Laundry bags are so highly thought of here in Afghanistan. When I first arrived the very first thing someone said to was “you really must get one”

Best Wishes


Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for your laundry bag. It’s great! 


Stephanie T sent this quilt off and I think it was made by Lynn B

I got my quilt today!! It is absolutely beautiful – thank you SO SO much!! I am so grateful


Hi Joan & Robin,

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you so much for the laundry bag – its fantastic and your hard work is much appreciated.



Dear Helen and girls,
Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt and laundry bag.  I received them this morning and was totally wrapped when I unfolded them.  You girls must spend an awful lot of your time making these pieces for us.  They are appreciated so much by all of us.  Some of the girls in my room have your pieces on their beds and they look so good.  They make the room look so homely and comfortable.  Which unfortunately there is not a lot of around here.  Though we do try, but having your work with us helps heaps.  Thank you also for your lovely card and well wishes they will certainly go a long way.  We are so lucky to have caring and appreciative people like you, thinking of us.  Keep up the good work girls, take care.


Thanks so much for my laundry bag, it’s gorgeous! I love the colours and it is much appreciated. It will definitely come in handy.  I actually plan to move one day up to the XXXXXX with my boyfriend. You may have to teach me how to sew because I think it’s amazing!
Thanks again…


Dear Lynda,
I am writing you to thank you for the quilt and laundry bag.  I really like the design of the quilt my favourite thing about it are the maps and the good use of colours. I’m sure that the laundry bag will prove quiet handy whilst we are away.  
I’m missing the cooler weather its really hot up here it was 48 today The deployment has been Long and HOT so far,

The kindness and selflessness of you and all others involved in The Pilgrim Patch workers is outstanding.

I am very proud to be serving my country. It makes it easier to do when I know kind people like yourself are out there, the words in your letter were very kind and I appreciated it just as much as the quilt and laundry bag.


Dear Carolyn,
Thank you so very much for my quilt and laundry bag! I absolutely love the colours and patterns. I really appreciate the effort and time you have taken to create these for me. The quilt has definitely brightened up my bed and you are right in saying that is nice to have some non work related colour. Our racks (beds) are the one area on the ship that doesn’t have to be uniform and we can personalise with whatever we like. 
Thank you very much for the vegemite as well! Needless to say we ran out not long after leaving Australia and it is very hard to find over here. I will be sharing it around at breakfast in the morning and I know that there will be many other sailors who will be thankful and enjoy this gift as much as I will. 
Receiving this gift today has completely made my day and it will be something that will make me smile every time I look at it on our continuing patrols in the Middle East. It is easy to forget that other people apart from family appreciate what we are doing and it is very heartwarming on these open lonely seas so far from home to be reminded of others back at home thinking of us.
Kind Regards


Good Morning,
Thank you very much for the personalised laundry bag I received. I appreciate all the time and effort that Julie Ann put in to make it, and I love the colours and design with the soccer print. 
Can you please pass on my thanks to Julie Ann for not only the laundry bag, but making my day. Mail from Australia always lifts the spirits of deployed men and women.
If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Dear Julie Ann,
I just wanted to thank you very much for the laundry bag and treats.  I love it!  Soldiers love the work Aussie Heroes does.  Its a great feeling to receive a parcel in the mail here.  Yes, it’s unbearably hot here, 45+ degrees every day.    I am an Air Force officer embedded with the Army unit, so all these truck, sand, guns and green stuff is new to me.  Having a great time though!
Thank you so much again.


Dear Julie Ann,

I have received the laundry you made for me and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  It is bright enough so that I can pick it out of the laundry (before it would  take me at least ten minutes to find which bag was mine) and also love the rodeo pic and my name on it.  It brings soldiers great joy to know that people back home are still thinking about them and the sacrifices we make for our great country.


It as been a busy week with loads of emails requiring actions and loads of quilts needing attention etc.  If you have sent me a thank you message since last Thursday and I have not included it tonight please remind me.

As per usual, here is the list of those who have sent off quilts or laundry bags this week. If you are not on the list and feel you should be please let me know as soon as you can.

Ann S
Jenny D
Julie Ann
Margaret R
Valhalla Talking Threads

Now I am off to write some green customs forms and some covering letters.  Just 18 to do!  🙂 

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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