Happy Mail Wednesday 14 August

Written by AHQ

14 August 2013

Greetings all on another lovely day in Sydney.  Hello to all the new followers on facebook.  It is nice to have you along for the ride.  I do hope you like what you are reading.  Tonight’s the night to share with you all the mail that has come in during the week.  I post it on the blog as I do not have time to email everyone separately and say thank you but it is always much appreciated.  We have some great blocks in at the moment and I am hoping that on the next sewing day at my home we will get some of these awesome blocks sewing into quilt tops.  That reminds me – the next three sewing dates are as follows

At my home – Thursday the 22nd of August
At my home – Monday 2nd September
At Penrith Patchwork – Sunday 8th of September

For any of the sewing days please BYO lunch and sewing machine and I will supply all the materials, and hopefully morning tea.  We work hard on the sewing days, starting at ten, but we have a lot of fun and it is great to get together with a lot of other like-minded women.  Fellas welcome too if you are game!!!

Anyone who can’t make it to the sewing days, but who would like to help out with sewing blocks together just let me know.   Jenny and Gale did just that and look what they have created.  Love these blocks!!! and the resulting quilt is just delightful!

One other event you might be interested in is the Laundry Bag Day at Hobbysew on Monday the 19th.   There are only four places left so if you are interested in joining in the fun please contact the store to register.

Details are:

Where – Hobbysew, 1/2 Garling Road, Kings Park.  Their phone number is 96214000
When – We start at 10am and go till 2pm.
What to bring – BYO lunch and sewing machine.  There will be some fabrics donated to sew with but it would be great if you could bring along your own fabrics if you wish.

Requirements for a laundry bag are as follows

Laundry bag outer – 90cm although I do tend to buy 1m and then I can use the extra for the cord channel.  You also need 90cm for the lining and you will need your cord – a piece around 50inches or 1.3m is what you need.

So, on to this week’s happy mail.  I just love it when the door bell rings and someone hands me a quilt.  This time it was Cheryl D.  Someone is going to be very happy with this one!

Cheryl had laundry bag to go with it as well.

I received a huge parcel in the mail today from Meg.  Christmas came at once.  
Check out all these quilt tops.

This makes me think of African villages, not sure why

And my personal favourite.

Meg’s mother, Darla, got in on the act as well and sent me some rotary blades – thank you so much.  You have no idea how many of these I use!

Last but not least Meg’s pile of Wonky Cross BOMs!  I have been getting a lot of feed back re these and people seem to be having a lot of fun with them.  Glad to hear it!

This batch of BOM blocks is from Karen B

As is this batch.

Louise sent me a batch of quilt tops – three red white and blue with the flag

and the perennial favourite, the Southern Cross!

Lynn sent me three quilt tops as well – simple blocks but so effective

I know I put this on facebook but I can’t remember if I showed it here – this is a quilt top that Marg has sent me for a Wounded Warrior Quilt.


Bringing up the rear a batch of laundry bags from Millie!  

Thanks everyone.

One last notice – if you are working on a block for our current Mystery Quilt  I would love it if you could get the blocks to me by Wednesday next week so that it can be one of the assembly projects for next Thursday’s sewing day.  (Anne, Evelyn, Jillianne, Julie and Karen B I have yours.)  Looking good so far.  Should anyone be interested in assembling this quilt and completing it please let me know.

That is all for tonight – I am off to label and write covering letters for a batch of laundry bags.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx 

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    Brilliant everyone, love them all.


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