Thank you on ANZAC Day.

Written by AHQ

25 April 2024

Thank you to all the veterans, past and present serving. You are in our thoughts and we are grateful for your service and sacrifice. 

Thank you on ANZAC Day


As we rise in darkness on this ANZAC Day like those who have
gone before

You are proudly serving us far from Australia’s shore.

You serve beside the Kiwis and others from foreign land

In baking heat, and biting cold, sticking mud and flying

Whether serving in the desert or the AMAB, Iraq, or Dubai

Or our peacekeepers in South Sudan, Israel and The Sinai

Perhaps in Lebanon or the Solomons you are called to be,

Continuing a tradition of service to keep the world free

Or you might be on a mighty ocean in our ship of grey

Working hard to make sure drug lords have a lousy day,

We appreciate your sacrifice and that of those you have left

Though you are far from home you are often brought to mind

You are our modern heroes who show us by example.

You mentor, fight and teach and that is just a sample

Of the efforts that you go to to make the world a better

You do the job with pride and honour, we see it in your

I am sorry you are not here this year to march along the

But it is a special honour to march with foreign soil upon
your feet

For you carry the tradition of those who lead the way

Who are the very reason that we commemorate this day.

Those of us back here will attend the service with the dawn

We will think of those who gave their lives in uniform
proudly worn,

But we will also be so thankful for you who serve today

We will think of you and those you love

With thanks this ANZAC Day.


Jan-Maree Ball OAM

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