Sydney Pot Luck Dinner

Written by AHQ

10 December 2013

Hi all!  
Last night was the Sydney Pot Luck Dinner and what a great night.  
First some photos for you 

Here we have Rosemarie, whose daughter is one of our recipients on HMAS Melbourne, Kiwi Karen and her daughter Pene.

Evelyn and Dasha

Ian and Carol

Kim M, one of the long arm quilters who is wearing her lovely ruby pendant having won second prize in the Raffle last week, and Keryn

Hmmm, the Trouble Carol Triplets!  We have Carol (who is Carolyn but is known as Carol on the blog), Caroline and Carolyn.  

David, Dasha’s partner, Gianni, Kim M’s partner and Robyn

Robyn and Joan
LOL I have just noticed my G’day Mate number plate glowing over Joan’s head.  That came to America with us when my husband and I lived there.

Del, who had spent hours and hours binding quilts for me and Don, an ex-bank manager who does the books for Aussie Heroes!

And the obligatory photo of me!  with one of the challenge quilts from last year.

We also had the pleasure of the company of Chaplain Mark and I cannot believe that I do not have one photo of him to share!!!  I am not sure how he managed that so I will just share a photo of him from a previous dinner.

Now time for lots of thank yous.  Firstly a big thank you to Caroline and Rosemarie who came nice and early and were an invaluable help in getting set up for the night!  They also stayed after everyone else had gone to help tidy up!  You girls are the best!!!

Another big thank you to Dell and Don who brought the ice for the esky of drinks, Dasha, Evelyn and Robyn who looked after the tea and coffee, and to all the ladies who helped with the dishes and cleared plates and so on.  

We had a smaller version of the Lucky Door Prizes and I can’t remember everyone who won something but Carolyn walked away with the “main” prize of a small box containing some pretty mini scissors, another of those cute rubber ducky tape measures and some fabric.

We played the movie that the lovely Mr M (Past South Sudan recipient) made for us for the dinner – it is a four hour movie featuring over 3000 photos of laundry bags and quilts and recipients.  I found that people enjoyed being reminded of many of the items that have been sent on their way over the last two years. Chaplain Mark spotted his own quilt and was seen smiling at the memory!  

All of those who where there were kind enough to “volunteer” to make some of this year’s challenge blocks – there is no truth in the rumour that Caroline and I locked the door till they had taken their piece of fabric. I could not print out the instructions because my laptop was engaged relaying the movie to the big screen TV so I promised to publish the requirements here.  Please bear with me if you have already seen this.  Mind you, if any of you out there want to be part of this challenge just let me know.  I am aiming for three quilts to go on beds in the Aussie Medical Facility in Dubai.  If it is good enough for our American friends to be covered proudly in Red, White and Blue quilts it is only right and proper that our guys and girls have unmistakably FAIR DINKUM Aussie quilts on them as well!!!

The challenge details–
Create a 10 ½ block of your choice using the feature fabric you are provided with.  There is no limit on the number of blocks you can make  – I am aiming for three quilts and extra blocks will help us to reach that goal. If you want extra fabric just let me know.
Once completed please email me a picture of the block and then mail the block to Lynn who will put the tops together.
Please can you send in your blocks in time to reach Lynn no later than 31 January. I am allowing a lot of extra time as we have Christmas and New Year coming up.  If you can’t that deadline, no problem, just contact me.

Just email me and I will pass on the postal address for Lynn who has kindly “volunteered” to put the blocks together.  🙂

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for volunteering!

On the menu last night were lots of goodies, with everyone present bringing a plate.  One of my contributions was Mini Cheese Puffs, a favourite recipe of my mothers from my childhood.  I bake these in mini muffin pans and they are always popular.  I promised to share the recipe tonight.  These are so easy that I reckon anyone with a mini muffin pan could make them.

1 ¼ cups SR flour
1 cup grated cheese
1 cup milk

Mix together all ingredients and put tabsp in each hole of a well greased mini muffin pan.  Bake in a fairly hot oven 10 minutes till golden on top.  Allow to cool a little in the tins or they will break when removing them.  You will probably need to use a knife to ease them from the edges where the cheese as stuck anyway.  When cold, slice and fill with small slice of cheese.  Just before serving them reheat in a moderate oven till cheese melts.

Just a reminder for those who might be interested tomorrow is my radio interview with Steve Austin on 612 ABC Brisbane – 11am Wednesday Sydney time, 10am Brisbane time.  The website is those who want to listen in online if they’re not in Brisbane.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitcing!  JMxx

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