Sewing Day Success!

Written by AHQ

29 May 2014

Hi all,

First up a big favour!

can you let me know that you have posted quilts or laundry bags but EMAIL and not by text.  If you have to text me a photo that is just fine but can you please follow it up but sending me an email with the name of your recipient. 

whenever you are sending me an email to say you have posted off a quilt or a laundry bag can you please quote the full name of the recipient.  I have to search a huge list to find which one you are talking about and some of you have made a load of quilts and that takes a LOAD OF SEARCHING.  Please, anything to make the time I spend doing admin instead of sewing would be much appreciated!

Yesterday was our latest sewing day at my home.  Evelyn, Robin, Rita C, Sue M and Farra all came and, as always, we achieved so much.  Lots of sorting was done, mostly by Farra, Sue and Evelyn, which was a massive task but now if I have fabric with motor bikes on it for example at least now I know where it is and can find it!  Robin at at the machine and appliqued her little heart out. 

Rita did her usual trick and completed a quilt top for me.  This time I gave her a head start by giving her 8 blocks that Dorothy had sent it and she turned them in to a Wounded Warrior Quilt.  

Sue M had taken home some or our gorgeous poppy blocks and she brought back a beautiful quilt top which will be completed at a Fallen Warrior quilt.  

Evelyn had a massive job and sorted through all the BOMs we have received over the last couple of months or so and created these BOM kits for us.  Now this time, instead of these being made up into random quilts for people unknown I would like to wait, now that they are bagged up and ready to do, and see if there is anyone on the next request list that these will be suitable for.   This one for example would be perfect for a Fremantle Dockers Fan – or perhaps for someone whose favourite colour is purple.  Extra fabric will need to be added to these so maybe that is an option to personalise this for someone.

For information- I received a list of over 65 names to add to the request list last night.   That list will be published on Monday the 2nd.  If you are not on my volunteer list and would like to be, please let me know.

Kit 1
To me this is just calling out for a Southern Cross in Gold or perhaps some golden roos.

Kit 2
Kit 3

Kit 4
Kit 5
This is a perfect opportunity to make a footy themed quilt – the blocks are navy and red (photo colour is not good) so that leaves plenty of options.

Kit 6
Kit 7
Kit 8
Kit 9
Kit 10
For those who are interested the next Aussie Hero sewing day in Penrith will be on Sunday the 8th of June.  Not sure what we will be sewing yet but check with me closer to date and I will let you know.    The next sewing day at my home will be Wednesday the 11th of June.

Both days start at 10am and you are asked to bring your own lunch and sewing machine and I will provide the rest.  As always if you can please let me know if you are coming so that I can be organised for you that would be great.   

The following people have sent off quilts or laundry bags this week.  If you are not on this list and should be please let me know.

Linda F
Margaret R
Steph N
Sue N

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.  JMxx

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