Service with a Smile!!

Written by AHQ

29 August 2013

I already put a short post about these fellows on Facebook but I wanted to share them with my non Facebook following friends.

Meet Charles and Joe.  These gorgeous guys, plus Maria who was not present at the time, are real gems! They are always so supportive of AHQ – always wishing us well and saying good on you.  

Today I am saying “Good on you” to them.  

This morning at around 8am I was walking passed the Post Office and Joe caught me and told me to come in and collect two largish parcels that were waiting for me.  They don’t open till nine so I thought that was lovely.  Two parcels in my arms I said farewell and said I would be back at nine with fourteen boxes for them.   

They sent me out to the car and told me to go and get them and bring them in straight away and then Charles stacked them all up for me, ready for them to be collected at lunch time.  I had two parcels with quilt tops in them to be paid for and they even did that for me as well.

You are a class act guys and a wonderful example of good old fashioned service.  Just another example of the amount of support for our troops overseas and here in Australia.

Thanks fellows!

This is an extra post- your normal post will be out around 430 tonight as usual.
See you then.

Keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Good on you guys! Awesome stuff!

  2. Dasha

    Special! It pays to support your local shops and businesses.


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