Pennie’s Brighton Jetty Classic Wrap Up…

Written by AHQ

8 February 2015

Last Sunday one of our gutsy quilters, Pennie, challenged herself to swim the Brighton Jetty Classic to raise money for Soldier On.   A number of you sponsored her and cheered her on so I thought you might like to know how she went.

The morning dawned cold and drizzly, with strong winds forecast for the Spencer Gulf – oh Yeah!  My teenage RAAF son and I had elected to swim to raise funds for “Soldier On” – the only reason to actually get out of bed on such a gloomy day.
First task was to register and get our numbers written on our arms. I suspect this is so that they can identify the bodies should we float off down the gulf unnoticed.

And just to be sure, we also had a transponder fitted to our ankles, as the gulf is a big, deep body of water so it is wise to be able to track any wayward swimmers. It did feel a bit  like we were on home detention!!

A quick final team group hugs before heading off into the deep blue briney. And I do mean quick, as teenage lads are not known for hugging their mums in public. J

At last we were off. I was amazingly calm at this point, with the only concern being that the water would be hideously cold. Much to our surprise the water was much warmer than the ambient temp at the beach, which was a pleasant surprise.

It was at about this stage that I began to regret the over enthusiastic run into the water and wade out. It was very choppy and we were swimming into the wind driven waves. Fortunately past experience as a Surf nippers coach gave me the skills to compensate for the drift, and I was able to thrash along quite well. 

About half way out I was wondering if I was making ANY headway as the can didn’t seem to be getting any closer, but eventually it hove into view and the first turn was almost a reality. It was at this stage that someone hit me in the head, and thinking it was my son giving me a serve, I turned round and gave the guy behind me a mouthful.   A bit embarrassing as it was a poor guy who was valiantly thrashing around trying to stay afloat, who had inadvertently belted me. Apologies were made, and on I swam.

Once the second can was rounded it was full stem ahead for the beach. By this stage several swimmers had been rescued, but I was determined to finish under my own steam. I kept reminding myself of the hardships our Defence Force Members face on a daily basis and that was enough incentive to push towards the finish line.
It was such a joy to finally make it, and I even managed to run up the beach despite feeling more like crawling.

Thank you to all who donated to Soldier On – together we raised $550!!! 

BZ Pennie!!

You did Aussie Heroes and yourself proud!

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 
Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. kiwikid

    Fantastic Pennie!! Well done!


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