Channel 9 Mini Series Gallipoli

Written by AHQ

7 February 2015

On Monday night in Sydney and elsewhere a new Channel 9 Mini Series will go to air and I suspect many of us will be watching it.    I just had to share an email I received from one of our quilters yesterday.


Have you seen the trailers of the Gallipoli mini series?  It premiers on Monday night on Channel Nine.  Well.. the boy who will be playing the role of Thomas is my nephew. His name is Kodi and I am his very proud Aunty.  The story centers around Thomas “Tolly” Johnston. Who puts his age up so that he can enlist with his brother, Bevan.  Then of course they end up fighting at Gallipoli in the campaign that helped create the ANZAC legend.

Kodi met with old diggers, visited the war memorial, did some military training and experienced what it was like to wear a rain soaked,wet woollen uniform and drag yourself through mud etc for days on end during the filming.  It really made him appreciate what these boys went through.  When this mini series was filmed Kodi was seventeen years old…the same age as many of the boys who went to fight back then.

Well I hope you’ve got time to watch it on Monday night. Kodi recommends it. And not just because he’s in it. Lol.

I don’t know about you but to me it is rather fitting that the aunt of the young man who plays the lead roll spends time making quilts and laundry bags for today’s heroes! Don’t you think?

Till next time…….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  
Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Jo

    And so she should be proud.
    Our local quilt group members have been making their own HONOUR quilt. Each block is given to us with a name of a local. The story about him is attached to the instructions. I found it interesting and as I made each block I added the story to my blog.


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