One more sleep till Adelaide….

Written by AHQ

27 February 2014

Only a short post tonight as I am packing to go to Adelaide tomorrow and trying to get everything else sorted as well.

As you know some of the quilts have started to arrive on HMAS Darwin.  One of those, pieced by Carolyn and quilted by Keryn, went to someone who works closely with the Captain.  He was kind enough to take the time to email me and tell me how beautiful he thought the quilt was and how excited the recipient was to receive it.   In addition he gave me this message to pass on to all of you.

Thanks for all your lovely work and the joy you have brought to my crew. Whenever I speak to the crew about the quilts or laundry bags, I inform them how this is a demonstration of the generosity and support the people all around Australia have for the important work that they are doing. This results in a spring in their step and more dedicated and focused sailor to achieve operational outcomes.

Again, it is nice to know we are making a difference in our own small way. 

Also, I received a parcel this week containing some great fabrics that will definitely come in handy.  The parcel was from Liz who wrote

“I truly believe you are ALL amazing at Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags.  If ever in doubt, know you are appreciated, especially by this Navy Mum.”

By the way we had a great response to the quilt packs Caroline put up last night with people putting their hands up to complete quilts from Packs 1 and 3.  If anyone is interested in working with Pack 2 it is still available.

Lots of people are telling me how much they are enjoying this month’s BOM and are looking forward to the next one.  Well, March’s BOM block will be out on Monday night.  It is a “Two For One” but you will have to wait and see what that means.  

The next Penrith Sewing Day is coming up on Sunday the 23rd of March.  If you can come I would love to hear from you. It will be held, as always at Penrith Patchwork from 10am to 2pm.
Hope to see you there.

I am really looking forward to heading to Adelaide.  The recipient of the H quilt will be coming along to the dinner and receiving his quilt.  It looks just fabulous.  The blocks are all great and the quilting that Kym finished it off with is just the perfect touch.  Personally, I think he is going to be blown away by it!  Can’t wait!

As always, the following people are on my list for having sent off a quilt or a laundry bag this week.  If you have sent something off and have not been mentioned here please let me know.  I will be busily running around prior to leaving the house tomorrow morning so the only time I have to write the blog post for tomorrow is tonight.  Any photos not received by 6pm tonight will be included in next week’s post.  

Anne H
Annette S
Jenny and Gale
Stephanie D

I better go and tackle the packing!  

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.  JMxxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Super post as always. Have fun in Adelaide.


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