October Block of the Month…. the nameless one…..

Written by AHQ

1 October 2015

Hi all,
So as the title says the block I have made for this month’s Block of the Month does not have a name.  Not that I can find anyway.  I just came up with it and it may have been made by someone else at some point somewhere but I could not find a name for it so I think we can name it ourselves. Any suggestions anyone?

It is simple enough and looks good in two colours.  For this month we are going to aim for maroon and gold.  No prizes for guessing that I want to knock off some quilts for Maroons Fans and also for Broncos fans. Those two teams are the most popularly requested teams and i have lots of requests for them at the moment.   Please can you help me know some off the list.  

You will need a 4 1/2 inch strip of Maroon across the full width of the fabric 

and a 1 1/2 inch strip of golden yellow also across the full width of the fabric.

Just like these.

Next cut a 1 1/2 inch strip off the maroon.

Join the strips together like so….. and press the seams however you think appropriate. I pressed mine in one direction.

 You should end up with a strip that is 5 inches thick by the width of the fabric.   If it is not perfectly 5″ do not worry as that will depend on the accuracy of your 1/4 inch foot.  What you need to do is to cross cut your strip into 8 blocks… see the lose blocks in the bottom picture.  If your strip is 5″ wide, cut the blocks 5 ” square.  If it is a fraction under 5″ then cut your blocks a fraction less than 5″ and your blocks will still be square. Next join your blocks together as per the picture.
Join them in pairs first and iron them so that the yellow in this picture stays flat…

When you have sewn them in pairs, join the pairs together being sure to make sure than the seams are going in opposite directions.

Open your block out and press.  If you press the final seam OPEN then you will avoid a lot of bulk where the four blocks meet up.  This amount of fabric should give you enough blocks for two bloks

So what do you think?  Are you game to try this new block and could you see your way clear to make some in Maroon and Gold please.

Hoping to see lots of maroon and gold in the mail box sooner rather than later!

Make as many as you like or even just two.  Just don’t forget to make them Broncos and Maroons colours please.
Send your finished BOM’s to
PO BOX 3079

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and Happy Stitching
Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Jo

    Sorry but I am not a sports fan. I take it from the photos though that it is a dark maroon colour….

  2. Beeshebags

    Jenga or Pick up sticks?????

    Naomi who has her tail between her legs as she quickly does the pdf for the block of the month late.

  3. Sandra Askill

    Wrong code for us so hopefully will get the colours right
    Sandy A.


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