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7 September 2015

This blog may be called 
Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags) 
but that in no way should be taken to read that the laundry bags are not every bit as important as the quilts.

I had to be smart when I named the blog as i figured more people would find us if I focused on the quilts than they would if I focused on the laundry bags.  Don’t make the mistake though, of thinking that the laundry bags come second. We received some gorgeous emails from people who have received laundry bags, just as we do for the quilts.

This blog post is brought to you courtesy the very lovely Sam and Katherine.

and why is that? 

Because they both sent in one of the boring issued laundry bags that are used by our troops when they deploy, assuming they remember to pack them.

Sam sent me this very attractive and cute (NOT) little bag from Kapooka.  This is what the recruits are issued!!!  You can see how small it is in comparison to the ones we make – that is one of our blue ones behind it.  Yes, it does have label on it so that you can write your personal details on it but it is hardly going to be easy to find in a bunch of bags stacked up in a pile or spread around the washing machines and dryers.  And where is the personality.

This is the one that Katherine sent me.  It is about the same size as ours, but being completely made of mesh there is really nowhere to write your name and details so that makes it really hard to find when mixed with a bunch of others.  Also, it is pretty boring!!

A few people have asked me about the laundry bags. What do they use them for, do they keep them when they come home and so on.  Well here is proof that some of them are heading back overseas for successive deployments……

Hello there,

I am writing to say thank you for the laundry bag that my daughter received from you two years ago on her first deployment. She is about to go on her next deployment. I washed the laundry bag that she received back then, and have packed it for her again yesterday. It really is very beautiful. It’s wonderful to know there is a group who support our service men and women in this way. Fantastic initiative!

Thank you from a mum who appreciates all your efforts. 

All the best!

Some of them, however, never see a dirty sock.   They are considered way too good to be used for laundry. I know of at least three that have been framed.   Some have become children’s book bags and Santa Sacks.   I know of many that have gone on subsequent deployments.  One thing is for sure, these bags are valued as much more than laundry bags.

I know a fellow who received one of our first laundry bags in 2012 – not a personalised one either – and he wrote to me years later to tell me that when the time came for him to pack his treasures to be ready to evacuate in case of bushfire… his laundry bag was one of the treasures carefully packed and ready to go.

How about that!

My preference is always to try and get someone a bag with their initials on it and you can always email me and ask for someone to make a bag for.  On today’s list, for example, there are 28 people who would like personalised laundry bags and there are another 100 or so whose names have not made it on to the published list as they are deployed a little longer. I would like to get them laundry bags while they wait for their quilts so let me know if you want to make one or two.

We still need the bags with plain patches on them, though not in the same large quantities that we used to send them as many more people are putting in requests for bags along with their quilts and so not so many are relying on the random spare ones. 

If you are happy to pay for the cost of postage, then I have just started sending laundry bags to our Patrol Boats crews who are on Border Protection duties in the north of Australia. This is a new thing….. only two bags of bags have been sent so far.  They are being handed out by the chaplain.  As we do not have an AFPO address for these guys I am not taking requests just yet.  Also the chaplains are about to change over up there so I will wait til the new chaplain starts before I get any more changes under way.

This is just a short post. This is request list day and I am also preparing to go to Canberra tomorrow, back on Thursday. 

I have been trying to arrange a time to catch up with some people in Canberra but it is proving a little hard. If anyone is interested please send me a message and we will see what we can work out.

Must dash…. packing to do.  

Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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