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10 March 2014

G’day all.

You will be pleased to know that Debbie made it from country QLD to Sydney safe and sound in spite of one tyre on the four wheel drive blowing out at 5am this morning in the dark on a gravel road on the way to Roma Airport.  Well organised quilter that she is, Debbie was able to retrieve the torch from her suitcase (as there was not one in the car) so that her husband could see to change the tyre and they made to the airport in time for her aircraft.  That same aircraft was then delayed out of Roma because the Royal Flying Doctor took precedence (fair enough!!!) and so she made it to Brisbane to change aircraft by the skin of her teeth!  I think she was very glad of her cuppa when she got to my home!

The request list is the main focus of the blog tonight but first a quick word about Mystery Quilts.

We have a pink one underway and blocks have started to arrive with.  We have takers for all the pink blocks we need which is great.  Here is our first block made by Pennie but you will have to wait to see the others as the recipient sees the blog and we can’t give too much away.  😀

We are also working on a blue and white Carlton Football Themed Mystery Quilt and I could use a few more stars for that one plus, if you are feeling keen, a volunteer to put it together, either to quilt top stage or to completion.  Here is the first block for this one, made by Katrina.

If you missed it and would like to join in please use this tutorial for the blocks.  The points should be white and the rest of the block should be navy blue.  I only need 15 blocks in all so if you are interested in taking part please let me know so that I can add your name to the list.

Also a little reminder that the next sewing day in Penrith is on Sunday the 23rd of March.  Hope you can make it!  Please let me know if you can so that I can be organised!

And now to this week’s request list. 

 I would love to knock a few of these off the list as I have a chaplain in Kandahar who has told me he has collected around 30 requests for him and just needs to be able to send me the info.
Once again it is listed in Priority Order.  That means those coming home first are at the top of the list.
And girls are in PINK
As always, remember that they have been ASKED to provide a wish list to give us somewhere to start but they have also been advised that THE QUILT THEY RECEIVE MAY BEAR NO RESEMBLANCE TO THE QUILT THEY HAVE REQUESTED.   Also it is not necessary to try to include ALL their interests unless you want to.  As I said before, the recipients have been asked to tell us what they are interested in and that is what they have done.
To save me having to cut and past the address multiple times here is the postal address for HMAS Darwin.  All you need to do is to add the member’s Rank, Name and PM keys at the top.
HMAS Darwin
Operation Slipper
AFPO 10         
Sydney NSW 2890
If you take on one of these requests I would like the quilt to be in the mail by April 18th at the latest but sooner is better.
Please do not feel that you need to respond if you are not interested in taking on any of the requests for whatever reason.  Also, if you do respond and are new to AHQ, I ask that you provide me with your full name and address (and a phone number would be wonderful) as I don’t feel comfortable handing you the personal details of one of our serving members if the only information I have is your first name and email.   Noone else has access to any of the details that I collect.  I use them to contact you if I need to follow anything up with you.
If there is a request that you would like then please copy the whole line- the description and the number.  Without that number I may not be able to find the details of the person you want to sew for.  PLEASE NOTE – the number is attached to that recipient only for this week’s request list so after this please refer to the person by name.
If you want to make one quilt it still might be useful (and more time efficient) to give me a couple of options, assuming there are more than one that you are happy to do.   It always seems that there are a few requests that everyone wants to do.  If you have a second choice and it is unallocated I can come straight back to you with those details.
Well I think that is about all.  Enjoy perusing the list.  I wish I had time to take on more than a few of these but I probably already have too many on my list.
cricket, NRL and AFL, Queensland cowboys in NRL and the Melbourne Demons
Weight lifting, physical training
Jet skiing, cars, driving, fishing.  Favourite colour: red
Travelling, Fast cars.  Favourite colour is Red
Cars, Favourite Colour: Blue and White
AFL, NRL, Cricket.  Loves the Adelaide Crows AFL team.  Favourite colour is blue
Holden Panel vans, Surfing, Carlton Football Club (AFL)
Scuba Diving
Golf.  Loves West Tigers Rugby team.  Favourite colours: Purple
Manly Sea Eagles fan, Moto GP fan, naval aviation.  Possible ‘Rotation 57’ on it
Hobbies: surfing, riding motorbike.  Favourite football team is South Sydney Rabbitos (NRL).  Favourite colours are blues
Sydney Swans AFL team, or a quilt that is red and white
NSW Blues
Bali inspired quilt to give to mum – Budha, water and water falls for mum
LB of any colour for herself.
Parramatta Eels,
Strip by Coral
NRL club Parramatta Eels, Blue and Gold.
NRL Club Gold Coast Titans, Blue Yellow and white
Superman, Red and Blue
Purple and mountains

Till next time………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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